Bizarre Ram Issue


Dec 22, 2011

Several weeks ago I purchased new dual-channel RAM of the exact same type as what was already installed on my motherboard. (ram here:


When I installed the ram into slots 3&4 (slots 1&2 were already filled with the ram that came with my computer and has worked flawlessly) my PC failed to post - basically, everything appeared to power on but the monitor remained black. I figured it was just faulty ram, but when I removed the new ram and attempted to restart, the same thing happened.

I then attempted to boot bare-bones and ran into the same issue; after several hours of trying various solutions I began to play with the ram configuration and found the system would boot normally *only* with ram in slot 2, slot 4, or slots 2 & 4. Memtest finds no issues and I have tried various bios settings, but no matter what I do I can only boot with ram in 2, 4, or 2 & 4.

I'm at a complete loss at how to proceed and the issue strikes me as very bizarre. I've tried multiple sets of ram (all the same as above) and single sticks of ram, and the conditions are the same.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.


Feb 3, 2009
Can't help, but I can tell you I had the same exact experience using a Gigabyte P45 (UD3 if I remember) board and G.Skill Ripjaws a few years ago. The only difference was I bought my RAM kits at the same time. Installed the first set in 1&2 second set in 3&4 and nada. After hours of fiddling around with it I came to the same exact end scenerio, 2 sticks one in 2 & one in 4. At the end of the day I probably should have RMA'd it all, but meh, 2GB back then was plenty.

Since then I've always bought kits that contained the total amount of RAM I needed. RAM is so finicky that I think even if you get the same exact model there are differences between batches, much like binning for processors.