Hi All :)

I have got to the end of my tether with this buggy game...

I am now stuck AGAIN.... TOTALLY STUCK....

I am at the COLOSSUS Computer and trying to hack in.... i can see both my hands and it says PRESS D or RIGHT ARROW... which I do and absolutely nothing happens... its not seeing the key presses :(

The game seems to have problems holding its control settings, previously I have had to KEEP reassigning the P key for PRONE, and it KEEPS forgetting it.... I have also tried reassigning move right , but still the same...:(

Any ideas please as this is its last chance ?....going to give it to my son if I cannot cure this bug....

All the best Brett :)

got stuck at the same place for about 10 minutes

kept pressing d and right arrow--nothing happened

but theres something else you need to do

and cant remember what is was for the life of me at the moment

once i did whatever it was it seemed obvious after--look carefully at the screen

trying hard to remember what i did


Hi :)

Appreciate the help...PLEASE remember :)

All the best Brett :)
trying my best to remember :D

i might be able to replay the mission to jog my memory

but will have to boot to a different hard drive as the games not on this one

do you know the name of the mission?

it was probably something silly like mouse clicking on something

because i remember trying every key on the keyboard and nothing worked

then i did whatever it was i cant remember and it worked


Hi :)

No cannot remember mission name... its just after that stupid robot spider though....

All the best Brett :)
thats mission 6 called karma

you are in front of computer screen

believe its meant to be a touch screen so the idea is you swipe it

try holding left mouse button and swiping the screen to the left or the right

Hi :)

Many thanks :) :) :)

Will try that later...

All the best Brett :)

Hi :)

Many thanks yet again :)

I will try it later when wife has gone to bed...

To be honest, I am regretting buying this game...I seriously doubt I would ever buy blops 3....

I hope Far Cry 3 is

All the best Brett :)