Info black screen after enabling secure boot for Valorant

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Valorant demands you turn on Secure boot if you run it on Windows 11.
This can lead to a Blank screen on start up, especially on Gigabyte boards it seems.

The reason you get a black screen is that Valorant is only giving you half the story.
There are two popular ways to format a hdd, GPT & MBR.
To boot using Secure boot your C drive needs to be formatted as GPT.
If you try to boot using MBR formatted drives, you will reach a black screen and PC won't go anywhere.

So you need to convert the drive from MBR to GPT before turning on secure boot
this link shows how -

Explanation of terms:

UEFI - Unified extensible Firmware Interface

If your PC is less than 13 years old, you have a UEFI bios now

In 2006 or so Intel decided the bios as it was at time was too limited and needed to be replaced so that it supported newer technologies as they were invented
By about 2009 a consortium of hardware makers had combined to create UEFI standard

Old bios were limited, they didn't know what a mouse was for, so everything was keyboard driven
they weren't expandable, everything had to fit in a small amount of memory
they only supported Master Boot Record (MBR) which can only have 4 partitions per drive (there are tricks to get around this) and max drive size is 2.2 tb

UEFI bios overcame all the limitations of legacy bios (as it came to be called)
it supports mouse, it has a GUI so it looks better than previous bios could
Its expandable, it can be added to to grow as new hardware is created.
UEFI supports MBR & GPT Drives

GPT = GUID Partition Table

GUID = Global Unique ID = Every GPT drive on earth has a unique ID
GPT drives can have a max of 255 partitions on them
Max size of a GPT drive/partition is 18.8 million TB

Valorant should really link to a page that shows what you need to do, I assume its just an error now.

Technically its actually Vanguard, its anti cheat, that demands it. If Vanguard wasn't needed to run game I would classify it as spyware as it has higher access to your PC than drivers do. It thinks it owns your PC. Is game worth it?
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