Blast from past player/need help..


Jul 27, 2012
A blast from the past the Sony LD system, is mostly forgotten today. But I hope to enable it to its former glory. At one time it would have been considered High tech equipment, but know it’s crippled due to its faults in error message.

Hello folks, Is there any one with technical skills out there, who would know how to repair an old LD machine? I just but a Sony MDP 650 laserdisc player online, I knew it wouldn’t work it’s an Experiment. The Sony LD player does not want to take, or eject, any kind of disc. However, it does have power but not for long; for 10 seconds it flashes 'Closes', and then turns off. If anyone can point me in the right direction I appreciate it. Thank you...
In general an old LD player is way to expensive to justify repairing. Many parts are no longer available and the ones that are cost too much. Cheaper to find a working unit. By the way Pioneer is the one that came up with LaserDisc no Sony so there a many many more Pioneer LD players out there.