Question Boosting my wifi signal


Jan 20, 2015
I have an external wifi antenna that I used when I was traveling for work. Simple plug and play -- plugged into my computer's usb, and my computer's wifi reception improved greatly. Perfect.

I've heard that it is possible to use this same antenna that I previously used connected to my computer as a way to boost my ROUTER'S Wifi signal! Someone told me that I can just plug it into a port on the back of my router and it will thus be converted as a booster of the router's wifi signal. (I don't travel anymore so I don't need it for its original purpose of being plugged into my computer to improve the computer's reception of Wifi.)

Is this true? I've googled it every way I can think of, but can't find anything to indicate that this is true.

Thanks in advance for any info and for your patience and kindness with tech-challenged people like me.
It is not a antenna it is a wifi nic of some kind. Now the device might have a directional antenna as part of the package but a actual antenna must be hooked to a nic card not a USB port.

The only reason it works on your PC is there are device drivers , ether loaded or maybe win10 had generic ones. A router does not have the device drivers. This is the huge problem connecting cell modems to USB ports on routers. The router must have a driver for that device also.

Now if you are REALLY skilled you might be able to get one of the open source firmware images that run on a router and custom build a image that has the correct driver. It is not simply adding a driver you must actually relink the complete router OS image with the new driver.