Boot troubles


Oct 23, 2011

M/B : Asus M4A79XTD EVO
RAM : 2x2Go GSkill ripjaws 1600
CPU : 955 Black Edition
PSU : HCG 620W
GPU : 2x 5750
OS : Windows 7 64bits

I have a problem which happens to me everyday when I try to boot my computer.
It used to be like few times a week, but now it's everyday.

I switch on the PSU, power up the computer : the case and cpu cooler fans are turning, the HDD is working too, but I have no post, no beep, just a black screen. (and the M/B LED is lighted)
If I try to push 5seconds the power button of the case, nothing happens, I must switch off the PSU.
If I switch on the PSU again, same problem.

Actually, my unique solution is to remove either the GPUs or the RAM and just put it back right after. I don't know how&why, but doing this makes me able to boot the computer normally: psu on + power on, beep post Windows voilà !

If for example I'm on windows and I want to reboot my computer, the problem happens, need to switch off the psu etc..

Few months ago, I screwed my BIOS and sent my mobo in RMA. When I received the card all seemed ok, but days after days, this problem was showing more and more.. So finally, I really need your help ...



Dec 2, 2010

Hello Eub,

Your issue can be related to several unique problems.

1) Go to Asus FAQ and contact problems, you may not be the only one having this issue. if nothing appear relevant in FAQ/contact problems to your issue then hopefully your mobo is not defective from manufacture. if there is a known defect then RMA it again... no choice :/

2) Look in your Mobo Manual if you have a switch or pin for a BIOS reset. If true, then first unplug the cord then press the power for 10 seconds to juice out any left over, then start the process of BIOS reset.

3)If you have extra IDE or SATA cable then switch your HDD cable/ribbon. If you hear your HDD firing up is a good sign but it happened to me about 2 months ago where I had to change the sata cable ...and... change the sata port or I could not get past post (although I had the beeping post).
4)I had a similar issue with a old rig about 10 years ago, it happened that my PSU was pretty much fried. If you have exhausted all other possibilities then I would conclude with the possibility that your PSU is faulty, yet I must tell that I am NOT a fan of ASUS quality boards for at least last year and half!

Hope this helps