Booth Babes ...


Aug 31, 2006
LOL - well at least these MS booth babes had actual clothes to wear. I've seen pix of some others where the top was just painted on :p. A shame my painting skills suck eggs, since otherwise I could get a job painting up booth babes! :D


Booth babes at car shows, tech shows, etc... are fine and dandy to look at, but they don't work on me when it comes to buying a product. I liken it to a commercial that's been airing here in the US, i.e. a neatreciepts scanner. They have some "babe" on there with a tight blue shirt having fun scanning things. That's great, but I'm not going to pick up the phone to order one just because this "babe" is doing it. Now, if she wanted to have a drink or something with me, well, I may reconsider...;)


I'm thinking of joining up and taking my talents to the next major computer show. There are enough chicks in the video taking lessons I can do my apprenticeship right there duing the lessons.


I had a dream last night all the gang from Tom's forum's was in the cafeteria. Jaydee waved at me and I remember because this big tall smiling read headed guy was Jaydee. Either I was too shy or everyone else was afraid of me, so jaydee was the only one I actually interacted with. Besides everyone else had to get back to their positions on the Forum. Everyone else was like a little person. Except reynod. He was like a spirit watching over the whole episode, but in a good way whatever that means. Then I broke into the part of the dream where I had an affair with a one legged woman. I was about to have sex with her after she showed me her stub and said it would be Ok, then I noticed the bowling alley my wife had installed in our office where the dream took place. That's when I ran down the alley with the one legged woman. I think it was a near wet dream beacuse the stub looked really sexy and the woman was like really sexy like Jennifer Anniston. I told my wife about it. She said she always has the dream about the man of her dreams and He has no face! If anyone has a follow up dream about the forum and one legged sex smbols post it. /end thread hijack with bowling dream.


Nah. No name, but the one legged mother of all goddess' she was. She was these guys all time hot chick's list all rolled up into one.

I read this story on their page and now I am afraid of having nightmares. Was Ilene from Atascadero?