Question Breadboarding with Makecode and Micro:bit

Oct 8, 2021
Hello, I am trying to attache a blinking LED to my Inventor's kit breadboard and micro:bit. I cannot figure it or find a tutorial to help!! I attached the LED via alligator clips and plugged the red clip in to the little 1 on my breadboard. where does the ground wire and white pin go?? I have a picture of my code and breadboard, but cannot figure out how to attach to my post... I am a student and VERY new to this so PLEASE HELP! Also, I am not sure if this is even the right forum for this.. if not please direct me to the correct place. thanks in advance!!! (note I have other wires for a servos motor and have been coded and added in correctly so the motor moves when I press b if that is of any help!)
thanks again

Breadboard Picture
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The only time I've played with micro:bit board was when directly connected thru USB.

Your code (at least the part blinking the LED) looks fine. But the other picture - how your micro:bit is powered? if there's no USB connection, I suppose you have to connect the black / red pair to a power source, 3.3 or 5V (check documentation).