Question Brief, short and thin horizontal lines (white and sometimes green) during boot and when changing resolition in games

Nov 29, 2020
Hey guys, so this has been bugging me for a few days now.

Whenever i turn my pc on and it boots, i see these thin lines for a split second.
Video: (sec 11-13)

During gaming or just in windows the lines don't appear. Just when changing the resolution and during bootup.
It's not the monitor, it's 5 days old. I also checked the cables, no difference.
I have a fairly new graphics card (1 month old). Drivers are all up to date.
I've had similar problems with my old card (Rtx 580) and a dual monitor setup before (green, black horizontal lines and glitches with system shutdowns.
Games and gpu intence work was not possible back then).
But the problems disappeared when i got a new card. Then i used one monitor (60hz, HD) and everythin was fine.
But once i connected the new monitor the lines started appearing, reminding me of the ones i saw before on my dual monitor setup.
Maybe my pc just can't handle ultrawide? Also: the pcu is kind of cheap, so maybe that's the issue?
I'm just fearing the same problems i encountered before will come up again.

Also: I just checked the system again with a different 1920 x 1080 monitor and the lines didn't appear during boot.
As soon as i connected the ultrawide, the lines showed up again.
Maybe it's the monitor? But then why are the lines so similar to those i've seen before?

I haven't updated my BIOS ever, so maybe that's something i could do?

Update: I left my pc on standby for 20 min. When i came back and wiggled my mouse the monitor displayed static with black bars on the top and the bottom.
I fixed the issue by unplugging the HDMI cable and plugging it back in. Maybe it's related? A faulty graphics output?

My system:

Monitor: 60hz LG 29WL50S-B Ultrawide via HDMI
Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2600, Six Core Processor; 3.40 GHZ;
Ram: 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 GSkill 3000MHz AEGIS;
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon RX 590 Series;
Standard AMD/INTEL Box Cooler;
Drives: 240GB Kingston A400 (500MB/s - 350MB/s)
1000GB SATA 6GB/s 7200rpm;
Power: 500W Silentium VERO L3 ;

Thanks a lot!
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