Brilliant placement of ad over article


Sigh, these kinds of reports depress me. My roommate actually works for the company who runs The Home Depot's ad campaigns, and ran the campaign for a while, so I feel like I should be blaming him here.

Anyway, I'll pass this along to the ad guys, try to get it sorted out. Ads are programmatic so I don't think we can do much about the subject content but that placement needs to fixed. Thanks for the heads up!
I don't care about the content, at least it's always SFW, but I really care about whoever design these complex pages and then can't get it right that ad material don't overlay content. This is one of the few sites I frequent that does not offer a "pay a membership fee to suppress ads" option. It keeps my annoyance level with this site fairly high.


I can't say I blame you there. If only ten percent of our 2,000,000 registered members chose to pay a one time 5 dollar fee to eliminate advertising on their machines, that would be $1,000,000 in revenue. Certainly far more than they'd see via advertising I suspect, if those numbers are even close to right. I think a lot of people would choose to pay it too.