Question Brother printer possible memory problem ?


Jun 22, 2016
I just bought a Brother MFC-L2710DW on June 30, 2021. I sent a page to print and while the printer started printing it, I sent another page, and so on and when I do that, the printer stops. The second print job I sent is the only one the print queue and will NOT cancel out unless I restart my computer. The third print job isn't even in the print queue. Does this thing have no memory whatsoever? My printer driver is updated.

Also, I'm retired so I don't use the computer often. I am on my 3rd, you heard me correctly, 3rd toner cartridge AND I get the one with the high yield. It is suppose to print approximately 3000 pages and I don't even get 1,000. I have it printing on the lowest printing quality so it doesn't make sense to me.

I've never had this problem with other brother printers. I usually only replaced the toner every 7 months.

Can anyone help me with these two problems?

Thank you.


Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

Disk drives: make, model, capacity, how full?

Look in Reliability History for error codes, warnings, or even informational events that you can correlate with the printing and print queue failures.

How is the printer connected: USB direct, USB shared on another computer, wired network, wireless network?

Do other computers print to the Brother printer? do those computers have the same problem?

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the printer drivers? (Did note "updated" but the update could have been buggy or corrupted.)

Where are you purchasing the toner cartridges? OEM (Brother) or third party toner cartridges?

Most likely the original toner cartridge was not a fully loaded cartridge - getting 3,000 pages was not "part of the deal" - common tactic if ink/toner is provided with a new printer.