Question BSOD, memtest shows test 10 errors with 2 sticks only


May 30, 2014

My PC has been having a bunch of issues lately, including driver related BSOD, and after some driver updates and even a BIOS update, everything was fine for a couple of days before progressing to straight up memory BSOD, and very frequent ones. Unlike earlier ones, also happening while the PC was left idle rather than only in use. The BSOD in question is "STORE_DATA_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION"

I booted memtest from USB, and ran a number of various tests. Normal configuration with 4 passes gave me 1200x test 10 errors and 500x test 13 errors.
I tried both sticks by themselves in test 10, and neither showed any errors on both 4 passes each. I re-inserted them, and got a total of 39 errors on 4 passes, all test 10.
Right now I ran a test where I inserted them both into different slots, the ones that were free until now. Slots 1 and 3. It's in the middle of 2nd pass and at 100 errors.

Lastly, my ram is a pair of 2,5 year old Team Group NightHawk DD4 sticks, 2x8GB, 3000MHz, CL16 ( 16-18-18-38 ), 1,35V, non-buffered, non-ECC. Guess I shouldn't have gone for some tiny, unknown, Chinese brand just because it looks good!

Can someone give me advice on what to do? Should I get a couple of new sticks and test them out, or would errors like this be caused by some other part of hardware? I'm guessing this pretty much means it's impossible for this to be caused by software or drivers
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