Question BSOD - ntkrnlmp.exe - "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NON_PAGED_AREA".

Aug 22, 2022
Hi guys,

I've been having ongoing issues with BSODs on my system for a bit, I'll explain in more detail below, but here's a google drive containing a ZIP with a couple of today's mem dumps, my MSinfo in text format and Speccy snapshot.

The issue seems to only happen when playing games. I can't confirm, but it mainly seems to be games with an online/multiplayer functionality. Where it's come up for me specifically is Solasta, No Man's Sky and Sea of Thieves on Game Pass, previously V Rising on Steam (though this seemed to be resolved after a Windows reinstall when I last played), and now Monster Hunter Rise on steam multiple times today. I have however been able to play some games for extended sessions with zero issue, such as Tekken 7 and Cyberpunk 2077.

It occured with MH Rise last night when attempting to play with my partner and friends, so I played a few times today to test. I never thought to grab the initial DMP but it was a repeat of the realtek audio driver crash contained in the ZIP. I believe I have actually resolved this as I've now updated that and several other drivers to the latest versions, and it didn't occur afterwards (yet). I've gotten two ntkrnlmp.exe crashes with the same error code in a row, though I lost the second DMP so sorry for not including that.

As stated, I had previously done a fresh reinstall of Windows 10 months ago, as I was encountering BSODs on some games, as well as encountering system problems outside of that, which were all resolved by the clean install. However, BSODs of various codes have occured since and I can't pinpoint what is wrong with my system, and what in these games is triggering it, it's mostly patchwork as I go. I've now reached a point where there's consistency in the errors at least which is good.

I also ran memory tests some months ago and removed a faulty RAM stick, which removed one consistent BSOD from these occurences. I also ran a memory test today on my remaining sticks to be safe and they came back clean.

Any insight from the ntkrnl DMP in particular would be greatly appreciated, but if further info is needed just let me know!

Thank you in advance for any time and help!


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545mb isn't a small file to download just to see specs of the PC, can you tell us what you have?

Can you follow option one on the following link - here - and then do this step below: Small memory dumps - Have Windows Create a Small Memory Dump (Minidump) on BSOD - that creates a file in c windows/minidump after the next BSOD

  1. Open Windows File Explore
  2. Navigate to C:\Windows\Minidump
  3. Copy the mini-dump files out onto your Desktop
  4. Do not use Winzip, use the built in facility in Windows
  5. Select those files on your Desktop, right click them and choose 'Send to' - Compressed (zipped) folder
  6. Upload the zip file to the Cloud (OneDrive, DropBox . . . etc.)
  7. Then post a link here to the zip file, so we can take a look for you . . .
minidumps way smaller than dump files. Contain most of info I need.

currently in process of learning how to convert dumps. I know how to read them but someone else has converted them for me until now.

If bsod survive clean installs it generally means problem is hardware.


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up until recently I have had a friend convert the dumps for me. He can't any more so I am.

File: 082322-7515-01.dmp (Aug 23 2022 - 10:04:01)
Probably caused by: memory_corruption (Process: gamingservices.exe)
Uptime: 0 Day(s), 1 Hour(s), 11 Min(s), and 09 Sec(s)

File: 082322-19375-01.dmp (Aug 23 2022 - 10:12:32)
Probably caused by: memory_corruption (Process: System)
Uptime: 0 Day(s), 0 Hour(s), 01 Min(s), and 21 Sec(s)

you have some old drivers there
Jul 26 2008 FanControl.sys
Jun 11 2014 usbglcs1100302.sys

I can't tell by looking at dumps what cause was

3 sticks of ram?
16gb set...
sets only guaranteed to work with other sticks in that set. Running non matched ram could be cause of errors.
Try running with just 2 sticks and see if that helps
Aug 22, 2022
I'll attempt to update those drivers and see if that helps, I'll also see about running the two RAM sticks. The reason for the three is because it had been 32gb but when I removed the faulty one I never thought to take out the other from its pair. Looking to change to a fresh new set of 2x16 soon so hopefully that helps.

If I encounter further problems I'll gather several minidumps first and see if we can gain any clarity from that.

Thanks for your time so far