Question BSOD when manually putting computer to sleep


Feb 9, 2021
BSOD when manually putting computer to sleep

Have been working on this with an “Independent Advisor” on msft forums and have gotten nowhere. Steps taken listed below. Here’s a folder of the dmp files I’ve received from BSODs are the Driver Verifier test (mentioned why this was used in steps list).

*Note: until I mention it, Dell Support Assist was still installed on my system through the microsoft store

  1. Uninstalled Dell Support Assist using control panel
  2. Uninstalled Dell Diags Device Driver
  3. Attempted to search for and disable any Dell related services in System Configuration
    1. No Dell related services were found
  4. Updated BIOS and updated chipset, sound, and network drivers
  5. Reset power option settings in command prompt (powercfg -restoredefaultschemes)
  6. Tried disabling and then uninstalling Dell Data Vault Control driver or other Dell diagnostic drivers in Device Manager
    1. Disabling these did nothing. Just re-enabled themselves after a restart
    2. Attempting to uninstall them resulted in a bluescreen
      1. This bluescreen gave a dmp and he based his next advice off that dmp which was unrelated to the thing causing the actual BSOD (which is where I started to begin to think this guy is leading me in circles). I was told to use Driver Verifier and provide the dmp
        1. Rolled back driver “Alcor Micro USB 2.0 Card Reader” as a result
  7. Found that Support Assist was installed through MS store and uninstalled it from there
  8. Reinstalled Support Assist (not through MS store) and used Revo Uninstaller to uninstall it and supposedly remove all related files
    1. Support Assist folders still show up when I search using Everything
After all these steps, still experiencing the same BSOD