Build question: Motherboard


Jun 1, 2011
Hey guys, sorry but it's me again.

I'll be building a PC soon by myself and hoping for good OC and SLI. But I'm caught up between two tempting motherboards.
One is the Asrock P67 Extreme 4 which I like because it seems solid and has a great bundle. BUT I've heard many people having problems with OCing with it and stuff like overheating. On the other end I'm looking at the Gigabyte Z68MA-D2H which I like because it's about 40 bucks less than the Extreme 4, and it's a Z68 BUT it does look like a wimpy and weak looking board. Please help, with that 40 bucks savings I could invest on a new case or something. Thanks!

z68 motherboard round up articles:
some mobos;
side by side;|13-131-729^13-131-729-TS%2C13-131-792^13-131-792-TS%2C13-131-790^13-131-790-TS
side by side:|13-128-507^13-128-507-TS%2C13-128-498^13-128-498-TS%2C13-128-512^13-128-512-TS
links are only for reference and spec comparison. check with your local store for availability and price. look up the review of your chosen motherboard. recommendations are based on price.