Building a custom gaming rig from scratch


Nov 27, 2012
I am building a custom gaming rig from scratch and am a beginner when it comes to hardware. I am starting with selecting an i7 3930k processor and an intel DX79TO motherboard. I am hoping to add GTX 680 and a 2*8 Gig Corsair Vengeance on it. I have three

Frst For an SSD what is advisable a SATA3 ssd or a PCIE ssd.

Second if I want to add a sound card, is it worth it over these specs.

Third From what cooling tower is compatible with the motherboard.

Thank you
I'd question a 3930 for gaming. Unless you just have money to burn for the fun of it, get a 3570K (w/ Z77 mobo) or if you really want top end get the 3770K.

A 680 is not worth the price premium over a 670. A 7970 would be the better choice at current prices.

If you stick with X79 you need four sticks of ram for the quad channel controller (it probably doesn't matter in real life but why get the high end chipset but not use the optimum memory config?).

Haven't seen anything recommending PCIe over SATA3.

Sound is very subjective. Many gamers have dropped sound card in favor of onboard. Start without one and add it if you don't like the onboard.

Most coolers will be compatible, need to read the specs to be sure. Think the Evo is.