Building New Rig - 1080p now with plans to upgrade to 4k later - looking for pro tips/advice

Nov 8, 2018
Hi folks,

I'm looking to build a new gaming computer in the next month or two and am looking for some guidance. Basically, I'm looking to build a top of the line computer, however if I went out and bought the 2080Ti, I'd also need to buy a new monitor and I'd rather hold off on dropping that kind of cash all at once, especially since the 2080Ti was just released and there isn't a whole lot out there taking advantage of it just yet. I figured I'd give it some time and hope the cost/performance or the content improves.

In the mean time, I was still thinking of building my machine with a top of the line processor, motherboard, ram and whatnot, and just limiting the video card to something along the lines of the GTX 1060, RX 580 (my current monitor tops at 1080p, 144hz anyways), with the intention of slotting in a much better one down the line when I can afford to upgrade my monitor and the 2000 series has had a chance to acclimate to the market. Is this feasible or really stupid?

Alternatively, would it make more sense to build a rig that has more than optimal performance at 1080p (plenty of guides already) and just buy another in 2 years? Anybody have any thoughts on whether the 2070, 2080 or 2080Ti will be worth investing in sooner rather than later? Not sure my use case justifies it.

FYI - I use my computer mostly for modded Bethesda games and Blizzard games and don't necessarily need it to blow away the competition in competitive gaming. I've thought about getting the HTC Vive Pro, but once again, the market seems too limited at the moment.



Why would you need a new monitor if you got a 2080? Whenever you start planning things to upgrade you are running into a bunch of things to worry about, like spending twice on a video card vs just once for a faster one, but then in the future that same money gets you a faster card, but now you will have a slower card, etc... Which is why I never have bought the high end or even second to high end setup, the money spent vs what you get for it is not the best return on the money.

Get a 1070, 2070 or a 580, run it till they are too slow. Don't buy a card now with plans to replace it already, or just get the faster card now if you want to spend the money and are planning for a 1440 or 4k monitor in the future.