Building Windows 2000 system


Jun 21, 2006
Yes, you read right, I'm asking about building a Win 2000 system.
Because I have an ancient Win 2000 system with software that I will need to use
for the foreseeable future. I'm planning for the day the Win 2000 system goes belly up.

System has 4 SCSI hard drives, 1 ATAPI CD-RW, 1 ATAPI floppy, and 1 ZIP drive.
External scanner and USB hard drives.
Networked printer and printer via parallel port.

My Win 2000 is a retail license, so I will be able to move to other hardware.

My concern is whether Win 2000 will support the new mobo, and whether the mobo will support my AGP graphics card, Adaptec 2940UW SCSI card, Adaptec USB 2.0 card, and 3COM Ethernet XL 10/100 PCI TX NIC (3C905B-TX).

And, whether Win 2000 would support any integrated sound, graphics, modem, or NIC on the mobo.
My current modem is a Courier, but is ISA, so that's no go for a new mobo.



Apr 23, 2009
If you are able to locate the drivers, you shouldnt have a problem. Personally, I would run it in a Virtual PC session if that were an option.


Dec 13, 2005
I just got a newer Socket 775 gigabyte motherboard and Q6600. The included CD has XP/2000 drivers. Keep in mind that almost all the XP drivers that "I have personally seen" are also W2000 drivers.

The only foreseeable problem is the AGP video card. Is the 2940UW a normal PCI slot, if so then it wont be a problem. My motherboard has like 12 USB connections, so I am unsure if you would actually use the USB card. Most all new motherboards still have a single floppy and PATA connector, just pay attention to what you are buying. My motherboard also has 10/100/1000 ethernet capabilities, so I am not so certain that I would reuse the ethernet card that you have.

If I was in your shoes I would completely ditch the AGP card, unless of course it's a professional series, but considering that it may be an older card, there are plenty of cheap PCI-Express cards that will be better than what you have. It's your choice. Look around, I know for a fact that there are AGP motherboards still for sale.

Short answer is, yes, you should definately be able to find a motherboard that supports all that you have and still be able to have newer hardware, without having any W2000 driver issues. Whether or not you will need to use the USB and Ethernet cards is debatable though.