Buying HDDs + Enclosure + MOBO


May 1, 2012
Hi guys,

I recently wanted to upgrade my home server to increase the harddrive size. I would also like to make it into my own NAS. To do this I was seriously considering just buying a NAS alongside my server, but they cost a bit too much. For example I was considering this one: [...] Storage-Sy

So instead I was thinking about buying a 4 bay RAID enabled harddrive enclosure such as: [...] 290&sr=8-1

But unfortunately my server does not have a USB3.0 slot or an eSATA slot. (I then considered a PCI card to do this, but my motherboard is only PCI not PCI-E, so would be too slow). Also my motherboard only has two SATA connectors and does not support port multiplying or RAID.

So I thought then that I need a new motherboard, with PCI-E, more than 2 SATA connectors (maybe an eSATA), that can handle RAID or Port multipying (depending on which hdd enclosure I buy, as some just hold the hdds and some have controllers built in). It also means buying new RAM as mine is DDR2.

Unfortunately all the motherboards I can find (with intergrated cpu), either use too much power (my psu with my case is 60w), doesnt handle RAID/PM or doesnt do what I need it to.

So basically can anyone suggest a good solution to my problem:
I either need a cheap-ish and reliable NAS (4 bay, RAID/JBOD, preferably has the bays visible at the front, etc.) OR

Somehow get a hard drive enclosure that can work with my motherboard (an enclosure that has a RAID controller, eSATA output, and then plug the eSATA into my SATA connector, but I would have to have a RAID setup that only shows one drive to the mobo, as it doesnt have PM) OR

Buy a new motherboard & RAM (that requires < 60W, (has PCI-E)?, has 2+ SATA connectors, has an intergrated cpu (as i dont want to buy a new cpu), and has Port multiplying).

I currently use my server to host a minecraft server. But if I can I want to use it as a NAS (Aswell), to hold music, pictures and make backups to.

My current server:
OS: Ubuntu 11.10 with SAMBA, minecraft, SSH etc.
Suza Advance 3905B Mini ITX Case -
AsRock 330 A330GC Mini ITX Mobo -
RAM - 4GB (might be 2, cant remember) DDR2
PSU - came with case - 60W
Current HDD - some 250GB WD I think


Why not just replace the HDD thats in there with two 1 or 2 terrbyte drives. Reload your OS using software raid, which is faster than fake raid found on most low end raid cards btw. Of course you would need your OS install files to be on a usb stick or USB optical drive since both your internal sata ports will be occupied by the two drives.