[SOLVED] C-State doesn't lower the CPU core voltage on idle if network connection is active

Apr 19, 2020
So i have a problem regarding my CPU-s C state voltage control and my wireless network. I enabled C-state in the BIOS, disabled Core Performance Boost as I overlocked my R7 2700 manually. My problem is that when my computer has an active network connection my cpu voltage stays at 1.2V as if it was under load. When i disconnect from the wifi, after about 25-30 secs the voltage drops to around 0.6V-0.9V. Which should be the standard. But as soon as i reconnect to any WiFi signal the voltage goes back to 1.2V. I monitor the cpu usage with HWinfo64 and in both cases the cpu usage is the same from 0 to 2-3%. I use a tp-link tl-wn822n wireless USB WiFi adapter, have the latest drivers for my motherboard(ASRock B450 Steel Legend), my cpu and the WiFi adapter, also all the latest updates on Windows 10. Have i overlooked something in the BIOS or in Windows which causes this problem?