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  1. SparkytheDorito

    Question Ping spiking

    So I play Valorant and in game my ping spikes like crazy. It started about 4 days ago randomly and now it hasn't gone away. In game it consistently spikes to 200 ping every 1-3 seconds making it unplayable at times. I'm connected to an extender via ethernet and I tried doing just wifi and it was...
  2. LoZZa 85

    Question Wi-Fi Dongle vs Wireless Extender vs Wireless Access Point vs PCIe WiFi Card ?

    Hi looking for a bit of help. I’m working and living in a hotel for a season We have a staff Wi-Fi I’m trying to get the most out of that connection I’m currently just using a cheap usb wifi dongle My question is Will a wifi extender like...
  3. AtomSen

    Question Ethernet speed

    Hello, I have a 500mbps internet speed which I can reach when I connect the cable to my MacBook, but when I connect it to my PC with a GA-AB350-Gaming 3 (rev. 1.x) motherboard I can only reach 100mbps (I had the same problem on an Asus ROG flex x13 - max 100mbps). I wired the cable so I am not...
  4. V

    Question AQtion 10Gbit Network Adapter. Speed is only 2GB ?

    I have the Z590 AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE with the 10gb network adapter so it should be capable of 10gb. I had ATT come out and check that the slow speeds weren't being caused by them. They said it's my hardware limiting me. I updated my network adapter to the latest version from their official...
  5. N

    Question Is it possible to connect a Mac Mini to a 2nd monitor on another floor?

    I've got this Mac Mini and I would love to use it for my TV downstairs... and transmit the signal to my office as well. Can this be done via an ethernet-connection and if so how? I mean, can I transmit video signals + USB keyboard and mouse via ethernet? With kind regards from Scandinavia.
  6. Lauritsballe

    Question how to get faster download speed

    whenever i test my internet speed on ookla it says i have 20mbps but whenever i download something on steam it only downloads at 2.5mb/s at it only uses 20% of my network when i look on taskmanager i have i wired connection and i've tried all the tricks on youtube but none seem to work (edit: i...
  7. D

    Question Wired Network Connection Lost After PC Randomly Restarted

    I was watching a youtube video when my desktop PC decided to restart. When it booted back up (Windows 10) I no longer had a wired connection. I'm not sure what all information I should include so I will add what I think is relevant. Steps I've taken to repair the issue (some tried multiple...
  8. S

    Question Issues with the network drivers on ASRock RomeD8-2T\BCM ?

    Hey there, I setup my new bare metal for a server. Hardware: Mainboard ASRock Romed8-2T\BCM AMD Epyc 7282 CPU 64GB RAM The first “thing” was the front panel header…who ever came on the idea of using angleded pins? In 99,99% there is the enclosure…okay…other point. I installed WIN Server 2019...
  9. SaloFulleda

    Question Help regarding wi-fi adapter

    Greetings everyone, not sure if this is the correct forrum to post this thread, but ive been having problems with my wifi adapter lately. Due to the location of my room and the router, a wired connection is impossible, so I decided to buy a wifi adapter. I purchased the Realtek RTL8811CU, it...
  10. R

    [SOLVED] is there a FREE VPN for Local Networks ?

    Hi guys, I have a visual Foxpro program and it connects to a MySQL Server in our Local Area Network of 3 computers. someday i would like to allow 5-10 more users from different locations OUTSIDE of our LAN to connect to this MySQL server. I have done some digging about this and it seems i...
  11. L

    Question Intel WiFi Card: “This Device Cannot Start (Code 10)” ?

    Hi. I have an issue with my WiFi card that I haven’t been able to solve for weeks. I have an MSI MAG B550M Mortar WiFi (MS-7C94). Every 8 hours or so, my PC freezes for like 30 seconds, then when it comes to life, the wifi isn’t working, and the Network device (intel WiFi 6 AX200 160mhz) shows...
  12. wobbleidz

    [SOLVED] Gigabit Network isn't gigabiting.

    Hey there, I hope this thread finds you all great, cause I need a bit of help right now haha. So I just finished building up my NAS server and everything is fine and dandy BUT, I'm getting speeds of only 10mb/s, unfortunately. And I have no clue why... A bit about my setup - NAS Server Specs...
  13. lamont228

    Question PC - TV Connection problem

    I've ran into a strange problem for the first time. Whenever i connect my network cable into my computer, the tv's image and sound start lagging (connected through signal cable). Both my Pc and Tvs are connected to the same router. Does anyone have an idea of what is going on here?
  14. DomacTeJebooo

    Question Slow internet, and random spikes ?

    Hello, I got some spikes randomly, I have totally optimized my router. My packet is like 11,2mb max on speed test its look like locked, ping is high. What should i do. I have ADSL net.
  15. Ryaxed

    Question Hello! I set up a static ip for a device on my TENDA router and now the tenda doesn't work - lights keep turning off every few seconds / keeps resetin

    Hello, so i tried seting up a static ip for a device connected to my tenda, i put in the ip it had and the mac adress of the pc, after clicking "save" the router reset, and from then on it keeps reseting every few seconds, on the ethernet (pc) it says "identifying", slowly going into "connected"...
  16. S

    Question Return Loss Measurement and the interpretation.

    Hello, I am looking for a suggestion on interpreting the return loss measurements. From what I understand, from various sources that when measuring for return loss of any product, we will need to consider the maximum peak value over the frequency band as the retun loss of the product. I am...
  17. Herbata

    [SOLVED] D-link DES-1026g 23-10/100mb and 2-1000mb, internet speed above 100mb, but when switch engaded is 9mb

    Hi, reasently I bought D-link Des-1026g 25 ports, but i have trouble with speeds on it. When pc is connected to router via cat5 in wall i have above 100mb (110 sometimes 120), but when i connect router via wall cable to switch in my room and switch to my pc, on pc i only have 9mb max 10mb. Why...
  18. J

    Question Recently started having latency issues on every online game

    I have tried resetting network settings. I am using direct ethernet connection to pc. Problems started within last two weeks and I can't play any online games or stream games on discord chats without having terrible lag or latency spikes. I have replaced modem, router, ethernet cable and run...
  19. Coachaye

    Question How to fix my network?

    My internet constantly gets spikes of 100% packet loss. I get 1000down and 100up and my network provider says theres no problems which is bs. Any help on what is happening?Internet Packet Loss
  20. Morchek

    Question ??

  21. H

    Question Win 11 install stopped

    Bought Usb drive , start install win 11. Stops at connecting me to network . What have I missed ? New built Gigabyte Aero Z790 motherboard . Ethernet connected .
  22. S

    [SOLVED] Using a network only for a specified program and another one for whole pc

    I've started streaming and I've 2 internet connection, one of them gives me low speed but with a good ping (Router) and another one gives me high upload speed with a bad ping (LTE). I want to use Router connection for whole pc and the LTE network for only OBS Studio (streaming), is there any...
  23. R

    Question Why is the speed capped at 90mbps on a dual band router ?

    Hey guys. I have a Dual Band router from my ISP ( Globe Fiber 300mbps ) model is AN5506_04F1A... problem with its 5G wifi is that its limited range could not reach my other room which is only 3 meters away from the door or 1 meter away from the wall. i didn't have the money to buy a mesh or an...
  24. C

    Question Weird PC behaviour, possible hardware issue

    In advance, thanks for looking into my problem. For at least 6 months now, PC has been experiencing RAM issues, for example chrome would throw me "out of memory" messages or certain software would not even freeze but just "exist" and be unresponsive until I can turn it off in the task manager...
  25. A

    Question Internet slows down drastically at certain time of day.

    I know this will be a long shot asking this question here. Ive been onto my ISP and they told me the basic stuff "We will send you out a new router", "you might have too many devices connected", two engineers came out, one told us to replace our DSL wire so I did and the other told me that he...
  26. M

    Question Strange issue with my ping ?

    Hello guys I hope you are doing fine, so I have a really strange problem with my ping, the problem is I constantly have 85ms and I have to keep restarting my router until my ping randomly becomes 50ms, sometimes it works and sometimes I'm permanently stuck on 85ms. Is this a router problem or...
  27. A

    Question help me, a need really

    what netmask should be set in order to divide a network with address into 4 subnets. what are the newly obtained subnets, gateways and ip addresses to assign. I NEED A SOLUTION. please help me friends. thank you....
  28. Magastem

    Question Ryzen 5600X causing softwares using internet to crash.

    I upgraded my PC with new hardware, specifically focused on everything to be compatible with Ryzen 5 5600x. The retailer I bought the motherboard from said in its description that it supported Ryzen 3, with no mention of Ryzen 5, but it offered a BIOS update for an extra charge. So I bought it...
  29. F

    Question 1000 mbps internet randomly drops to 100 and then back up to normal speed - - - why ?

    I have extended my ethernet cable to my living room but I am having strange problems. I have used a ethernet switch in the middle which can handle 1gps connections and two long ethernet cables but for some weird reason my internet goes back and forth between beign 1000mps to 100 mps. Its never...
  30. A

    Question Very interesting ping problems

    Hi everyone! I have been playing Overwatch and using Discord for about a month without problem, but this Monday that changed. I started to get huge ping for the entire game in about 1/4 of all games played, and never midway during a game, the high ping only starts when joining a game. If I left...
  31. ditrate

    Question WD Lifeguard Extended HDD test stuck at 90% ?

    My drive just finished WD Lifeguard extended scan 4+ hours, resulted in a healty drive (SMART is reporting no changes in attributes). But when I do WD Dashboard Extended Smart test it stuck at 90%, still running (5+ hours). Task manager showing no drive activity (neither write or read, 0%...
  32. keppio

    Question media disconnected/ no cable detected

    hi. i have a weird problem that my pc which wasn't used for ~2 months( no gpu) suddenly can't connect to network via ethernet cable. i did the ipconfig/all and it shows media disconnected and when i tried to run windows troubleshooter then widows don't see ethernet cable. and i know the cable is...
  33. T

    Question VPN into my home's network ?

    Hello all, I have an unusual issue that I hope someone could help me with. I currently work for a company that requires IP whitelisting of my home network. If I go on overseas trips, how do I connect to my hotel's wifi, redirect it to my home network to do work related tasks ? Preferably no...
  34. F

    Question Slow Internet Speeds via Ethernet on Primary PC, but wired laptop and all wireless devices are faster ?

    So I upgraded my internet recently from 500download to 1200 download, all my devices connected wirelessly and my laptop wired all the max speed for their respective network cards (phone ~400Mbps, laptop ~1000Mbps) but my wired PC isn't getting the speed. I tried updating drivers, I purchased a...
  35. C

    [SOLVED] Wireless connection on single PC suddenly degrades after around 10 minutes

    Hey there, Over the last few days, I have been experiencing a wireless network issue on a single PC only. This has gone from being a little annoying as websites can take a while to load, to frustrating, since I'm now unable to play online games, they were fine on Tuesday. When I turn the PC on...
  36. W

    Question My internet connection keeps dropping out when connected to ethernet while I am gaming.

    Problem: My internet connection keeps dropping out when connected to ethernet while I am gaming. It does not happen on Wi-Fi and only drops out for a second or two. I have tested it on multiple games. I have not noticed it happening when not gaming, this includes watching live streams. There is...
  37. O

    Question Quality difference of ethernet cables ?

    I have a problem on my wired network in house. The Internet Router (Telenor Wifi Ruter, Alltid WiFi-utstyr til hjemmet ditt - Telenor ) is on the first floor, then there is one cable going up to the second floor where there is a Asus AC750 Gigabit router 802.11ac From this router there goes a...
  38. stressato

    Question No network caused by bad network drivers (?)

    Hi. I don't really know where to start, but I'll try to say everything I can, if I'm missing something don't hesitate to ask. So a friend built a new pc with a Ryzen 5 and a B550M DS3H. Everything went fine till Apex got started, here's when the network stopped working and rebooting the pc...
  39. F

    Question Do I need to create a new network if I buy a new router and Modem?

    Spectrum is my internet provider. They just sent me a new, updated router and modem. I already have a network that has several devices attached to it. With the new router and modem, will I need to create a new network or will I be able to use the existing one?
  40. E

    Question PC Not Using Full Bandwidth

    Hi, I am experiencing a problem where my pc isn't using the full bandwidth. I have 1000mbps speed but the online speed test says I have 90mbps. This happened completely random since earlier today it was working fine. I have tried looking into my other pc to see if it has the same problem but it...