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  1. T

    Question Good access point to cover a flat roof bungalow, front yard (36ft) and garden (100ft), 13ft above the house.

    Hello. I am looking for a wifi device to mount on antenna mast. The device should cover the bungalow from a height of 13ft below with wireless LAN. Also the front yard and garden. Red arrow: Antenna pole position. The garden does not have the visible trees. All the trees (except the one on the...
  2. alfredjoejr

    Question Wifi Keeps dropping

    Recently, I updated my Kali Linux to the latest version along with the microcodes. Ever since then, the Wifi seems to be dropping and requesting a DHCP request in the time interval. Also, the speed seems to be throttled due to the dropping. However, I checked the adaptor by booting into Windows...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] My PC cannot access certain web pages, download Steam games but can play online games

    I have an old PC that hasn't been turned on for 4 months. Today I turned it on, linked an ethernet cable (the cable that I use every time) and the network started to behave weirdly. Firstly, I opened Steam and set CS:GO to download. It downloaded 1.6gb and while it was downloading it, I set...
  4. M

    [SOLVED] Cat 6 cable works on laptop but not on my desktop PC ?

    I just got a new cat 6e cable for my desktop and it didn’t work so I thought it is faulty but I decided to try it on my laptop and it worked fine. I tried a lot of fixes on the internet and I can’t seem to make it work.
  5. Morchek

    [SOLVED] Strange internet connection issue ?

    For the past year or so, I've been having this issue with my wired internet connection where on browsers I have to reload some pages several times for the page to load, and on most games, I have to retry the connection several times for it to connect to the server. My YouTube is fine, and I can...
  6. Flame1

    [SOLVED] Does living further away from the providers HQ affect the connection?

    Please read: I used to have internet speeds of 70mb DOWN and 20mb UP when I lived in a different city and had a different internet provider. With my new internet provider in a different city that I moved into I get 360mb DOWN and 40mb UP. Now the thing is, I noticed that when I am hosting a...
  7. P

    [SOLVED] Slow upload speed on entire network when PC is turned on

    So over the past few months, whenever my PC is turned on, the upload speed on the entire network tanks after around 5 or so minutes. Normal upload speed for us is ~40Mbps, and when the drop occurs it falls to ~1 or less, across all devices. However when the PC is off, the network is stable. I...
  8. R

    [SOLVED] Need help with network related issue

    I have Verizon unlimited hotspot, but it constantly disconnects on my phone while staying connected at the same time in windows only allowing access to youtube on my PC until I reset my hotspot. I am also a VR gamer and find it annoying having to constantly reset my phone hospot to use virtual...
  9. JustJoshin04

    Question Ethernet is super slow and is even slower than wifi at times ?

    I have a gaming pc that I recently built, and I'm using ethernet. The thing is though, that it's super slow. Games take forever to update on steam, my friends mics constantly starts stuttering on discord, and its a challenge sometimes to watch YouTube videos at 1080p or 1440p. I'm wondering if a...
  10. aarock1234

    [SOLVED] Constant BSOD with DIFFERENT causes.

    I have tried EVERYTHING. Here are my past 5 mini dumps. I crash 10+ times a day, this is starting to get unbearable. I have tried every driver I could finder, I have tried ethernet, uninstalling drivers, sfc scannow, I have tried chkdsk and I have tried to uninstall all drivers. When I uninstall...
  11. A

    [SOLVED] Pc Randomly disconnects on Internet (LAN) and prompts to restart afterwards

    Hi! I have been noticing a problem of my PC. Sometimes the internet / ethernet (LAN) disconnects randomly and cannot be fixed by windows network diagnostics unless the pc is restarted. The Network diagnostics says that the problem could be solved by networking reset hence; restarting the pc. I...
  12. H

    Question Killer E2200 slow wired upload speed

    Hi. I have a Gigabyte G1.Sniper Z97 motherboard with the E2200 Ethernet controller. My internet connection is supposed to be 100/75mbit. Speedtest only gives me ~104/40. I had a support person from the ISP come over and plug in his laptop to the same cable and same output I'm using, and he...
  13. MANDRILL08

    [SOLVED] Making my computer internet wireless?

    I built my PC back in 2019 and I didn't need to worry about making it wireless as I knew I'd have access to an ethernet spot. Although I'm moving to a uni rented room in September and I won't have access to ethernet and need to make my computer wireless. I have no idea what to get or how and I...
  14. V

    [SOLVED] Help setting up this network switch

    My router is this: I need to connect my two NAS and my PC to a network switch capable of 10g fiber internet so I found this...
  15. S

    [SOLVED] Asus PCE-AX3000 not working ?

    Hello, I bought an AX3000 to install mostly for the bluetooth hoping it would be relatively painless to install. After installing the card on my Gigabyte B450M DS3H, I loaded Windows and neither the Wifi nor bluetooth were working. I also couldn't find it in device manager. I then used the...
  16. ConorDuey2000

    [SOLVED] Powerline Adapter (AV1000) Download Speed only 8-16 Mbps ?

    Hey. I recently bought the TP-Link AV1000 powerline adapter for my computer, but after I set it up, the download speed's very slow. It ranges from 8 Mbps to 16 Mbps. I've tried everything including reinstalling my LAN drivers, running the Windows...
  17. R

    [SOLVED] Is it safe to plug a router into a router?

    I recently came across and old CenturyLink router/DSL modem sorting through a pile of stuff. I want to play around with it but I'm afraid I'll mess something up if I plug it into my ISP router.
  18. R

    Question Internet connection dies when downloading games on my desktop PC, but other devices don't have the same issue on the same network ?

    Hey everyone , thanks for reading . My problem: When I download games from Steam , for example, it downloads at full speed, no problems, then the speed starts to drop quickily and the connection dies, every device connected to the modem lose internet connection as well. This only happens...
  19. Jacobomb

    Question Internet works fine with any device but my PC

    [Moderator edit to break up a solid paragraph of text.] Hello, my PC about 3-5 months ago was working perfectly fine with the internet, until it one day started having issues. I was connected to the internet but going online on multiplayer games would not work. One example is Halo Infinite...
  20. D

    [SOLVED] Reinstalled windows 10 and have been having network issues

    Out of the blue this morning my pc kept getting BSODs. After researching the error codes I was getting I figured the only fix would be to reinstall windows. So I went to reinstall it but it went to another bsod mid way through the install. Then my pc kept booting into a bsod and powering off. So...
  21. A person?

    Question Suddenly slow internet speed only on Pc.

    (New PC got it 2-3 weeks ago) Hello whilst I was playing a game averaging (50-90ping) suddenly started to spike to 300s then 700s then ultimately to 20-30k which I thought it was my router so I went and restarted it, but even after that it was still very laggy, so I searched up speed test and I...
  22. O

    [SOLVED] Fast and Economical Small Office File Sharing Server

    Hi, My team and I are working on a new project, that requires group access to a single locally stored stock library. Each team member would be working on a video and they would source the footage that they require from our stock library. They would need to access the library via the network...
  23. M

    [SOLVED] Random internet drops on wired connection - WiFi unnafected

    Hello, I kinda need a hand with this. This issue has been present since at least early 2021, but it's escalated to the point where it happens pretty much everyday. It's also survived across three Windows clean installs, and as stated in title WiFi connection is unaffected (I'm wired on my...
  24. G

    [SOLVED] Only getting 100mbps when I should get 500mbps

    I have CAT5e cable, 2.5Gb Ethernet adapter, and 500mbps subscription but I only get ~100mbps. I changed Speed & duplex settings from Auto Negotiation to 1.0gbps and nothing changed. Then I changed it to 10mbps and then again to 1.0gbps and it worked, I had 500mbps but after I restarted the pc it...
  25. simple_Robi

    Question Comunication Between a Google Wifi and a switch

    Goodmorning everyone Here's my network setup: I have my ISP main router, I think a d-link 4G router, as my internet provider. To that router, is connceted through ethernet two things: 1) GoogleWiFi for having all my devices connected to the same wifi all over the house: 2) a TP-link...
  26. Gunshot1

    Question Ping Spikes

    Hi. I faced a problem recently. When I connect to OpenVPN UDP sometimes my ping goes so high and it was ok a week ago. First I thought maybe it is the vpn server problem so I tested it with my friends pc and there was no problem and no ping spikes! I'll leave photos below. And I have another...
  27. Pookie_yeboi

    Question Download speeds jumping up at random times

    I have been downloading a lot of videos from in the past few days and noticed a weird trend. I will be downloading the file around 1Mbps it changes slightly but not much. Then randomly for around 30 seconds it will spike higher from 4-10Mbps then go back down. Why is it doing this
  28. T

    [SOLVED] Network with EOP limits to 100Mbps

    Hi guys, i was looking for any similar trouble but i haven't found any. I am paying for 500Mbps, my Modem ( is capable of 1GBps. From that modem I've got cat5e (newly bought) running to Powerline device (...
  29. F

    [SOLVED] my pc cant connect to amazon eero wifi network and i dont know why

    i just got a new pc and it wont let me connect to the wifi booster i have. under networks only my main network shows up and the rest are hidden and wont let me connect to them. they dont show up normally under the wifi list but when i go to network connections under settings they show up as...
  30. D

    [SOLVED] Only 50% of internet usage while downloading

    So I was downloading a game and normally I would have 10mb/s, but now i only have 5mb/s. It has happened to me a couple of times now, but all those times were fixed by just turning the internet on an off. This didn't work this time. So I looked at task manager and I saw it only used around 50%...
  31. K

    [SOLVED] Help with Network setup

    So, I am looking for advice on a new network setup I am contemplating: I have relatively fast internet (1000/100) and I right now use my ISP Modem as router. I have connected a LinkSys Velop WiFi Mesh system to it (in Bridge), as well as a few LAN switches, to connect my QNAP NAS, my ReadyNAS...
  32. M

    [SOLVED] Source mask doesn't match source IP address

    Hello I was trying to set up QOS on my router but i keep getting a message that says Source mask doesn't match source IP address although i think i did all the steps right and i fixed my device IP address to here is a picture of my settings and a picture of the error message I...
  33. F

    [SOLVED] [Solved] New Ethernet Cable not working on Desktop PC, but works on Laptop ?

    Hello Everyone I got a real tricky issue with my Desktop PC. Recently I got a new Ethernet cable(15m) for my Desktop PC which my PC didn't recognize, here is the details of the connection: 15m cable to the Wall --> connects to a wall Ethernet inline adapter --> then another 15m cable runs to...
  34. J

    Question Ethernet not working, please help

    Hello, I've been trying to fix this since yesterday and haven't found anything. I'll list information and solutions I have already tried. Information: -PC says unidentified network, it sends packets but not receiving any -IPV4 is auto figured and starts with -The ethernet cable...
  35. T

    [SOLVED] Media Server Setup

    I use one modem which is directly connected to 2 routers. The second router is setup for VPN and is connected to my TV's. Plex media server is setup on a windows computer and uses Router 1. How can I share media with devices on both routers? Specifically, how can a TV on the VPN router share...
  36. T

    [SOLVED] My phone gets 200 mbps but my pc only get 20 mbps ?

    My phone gets 200 mbps but my computer only gets between 15-30 mbps. I've tried many things such as reinstalling wifi drivers and troubleshooting but nothing seems to work. I will provide information on my pc and router. This issue started occurring about 2 months ago but I ignored it hoping it...
  37. F

    Question Network utilization 10% only used?

    So my computer is getting an average of 90-100 MBS. But when I check my resource monitor I use only 10% of my network, never more. So my download speed is only about 9-10mbs when I download anything. Why is this; is there a fix?
  38. H

    [SOLVED] Need Help With Setting up a Switch

    Hey everyone! Long time lurker here. I recently came across something that stumped me. I recently moved into a new house and its the first house I have with ethernet ports in every room. Well I went into the panel and setup a switch and I cant get any of the ethernet ports to work. I have...
  39. S

    [SOLVED] Home automation recommendations ?

    Back after a while! We are replacing the 40 years old windows and doors as the house has become colder and issues with them cannot be fixed. It’s time for a replacement. It is a detached property and we moved in Jan 2015. We have a Virgin business broadband, a Cisco switch connecting the...
  40. D

    [SOLVED] Will I limit my routers bandwidth?

    Q: Would me downloading games cause my familys members connection to slow up since I’m using up a lot of resources from the router? (I’m not the greatest at explaining thing so please bare with me) Context: Ok so I recently just got a long ethernet cord for my house to plug in my PC to router...