Question Lag with low ping League of Legends

Sep 27, 2022
I'm experiencing lag in league of legends which is making the game unplayable, hopefully someone knows why!

I play with my FPS capped at 144 for those who might think it is because I could have uncapped fps.

I usually have a constant 20 ping however recently its been spiking up to 30-40 which isn't a lot. However when it does this, the lag feels like 1000ms as I teleport to the location I want my champion to move and it happens very frequently.

I have two other roommates that do not have the same issue, one of which has the same network card as me. Ive checked if there is a bios update for the network card, but there is none.
I also reset my pc completely hoping it was some software that I was unaware of. This worked for a little over a day, but now the lag is back.
I have 0 packet loss and my internet stable at 250/250 and as I said, doesn't lag for either of my roommates. It also seems like this is only a league of legends issue as I don't experience this in other games either.

Anyone experiencing the same issue? Does anyone know how to solve this!? :)
If you manually adjusted your buffers to 0 or very close it can cause this. You still get packet loss but you don't see latency changes. A lot of games have packet loss detection. You can try to turn it on. It would be odd for only you to get it on the same network. It would be pretty difficult to troubleshoot. iperf3 can test a lot of local issues or hardware/software issues. You run one computer you know is working fine above your router then run iperf3 server on that. test your lan speeds. If your pc is on wifi or powerline or something you should be able to tell fast if you get a lot of retransmissions or if your bandwidth isn't what it should be or is inconsistent.