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  1. C

    Question Turn a laptop with VPN on it into a proxy ?

    Machine A: is a laptop running Windows 10 Enterprise and a locked down version of Pulse Secure VPN client - all it can do is connect/disconnect. Machine B: is a desktop running Ubuntu 22.04 They are both connected to the same local broadband router. I do have admin access for both machines and...
  2. ditrate

    [SOLVED] Could the source file be deleted during it's upload?

    Is it possible do delete source file during FTP upload (via Windows explorer or FIlezilla), or windows will forbidden deletion ? Or windows will allow this action, and the server will stop the upload due to a file deletion?
  3. O

    [SOLVED] Asus PCE-AC68 can't connect to 5ghz channel 149 ?

    Hi! I use my Oneplus 9 as a mobile hotspot for wifi on my PC however I have a problem. My PC has an Asus PCE-AC68 network adapter installed but can't connect to the mobile hotspot if I choose the 5Ghz band, it only works with 2,4Ghz. I have managed to figure out that my phone uses channel 149...
  4. ditrate

    Question Should I defrag a hdd attached to a router?

    Is it necessary to defrag NTFS drive, that working as SMB and FTP share? I have a 100 megabit lan, so logically I don't see any need to defrag. Because transfer average speed is 5 megabytes. I'm on a right side?
  5. PauloATB

    Question Wifi repeater isn't working

    Good evening! Please, can someone help me with what should I do on my repeater? I acquired it on 08/09, and since then it had been working. However, since Wednesday afternoon it has simply stopped having connectivity (connected but no network). It cannot repeat the modem/router signal, even...
  6. Sinawxii

    Question Windows 11 can't connect to internet after updates with Driver Booster

    Hi there, last night I've updated my drivers with Driver Booster, everything was fine, but this morning my PC can't connect to internet. (I use my phone for internet via a USB, Android) I'm using Windows 11 with a MSI B450M PRO-VDH Max motherboard, that driver I've updated was something like...
  7. Y

    Question Upload/Download speeds drop to basically zero on PC startup ?

    I've read o couple of other threads that seem similar to my issue but none seem to have this exact issue. It's a bit of a strange one, I'm hoping some absolute legend can help me fix this. When I power on my PC the Internet connection will be at a stable 15up/2down (my normal speed, no ftth...
  8. J

    Question PC internet is much slower than other devices.

    Hello all. I recently moved into an apartment on my college campus, and I am experiencing some issues with my internet. I am on wifi. Unfortunately, ethernet is NOT an option. In comparison to my other devices, as well as my roommates devices, the internet on my PC is much, much slower...
  9. P

    Question WiFi connection dropping out for short periods ?

    Hello, I'm at my wits end with an issue I've been having for a few months now. Basically my wifi will drop out for a few seconds at a time and this has become a huge issue when trying to game with friends. I don't think this is something that other devices are experiencing, mainly just on my...
  10. DRIXER

    Question Internet Connection has slowed down ?

    Hi, I've back to my place after couple months of unpresence, for that time everything in my home including pc and router was disabled just in case, when I came back and turned everything on I noticed that Internet is not good as it was. On pc (connected by Ethernet Cable) is relatively good...
  11. Gaaaaary108

    [SOLVED] Site falling to load in an inconsistent manner.

    I am trying help a friend with a weird issue and am out of ideas. They messed with their internet settings trying to set up a server for gaming, and after doing so, web browsers seem to not have a consistent internet connection. Applications like steam and discord function perfectly, chrome wont...
  12. 5

    [SOLVED] How to keep my system safe from possible malware & virus infected devices on my network

    Hi! Quick introduction related to my question: My household has zero clue about internet security and IT in general, and their systems (notebook, phones) constantly get malicious softwares/codes due to their unresponsible internet activity. How could I prevent my devices getting infected by...
  13. S

    [SOLVED] VPN - Can it slow down the Wi-fi speed of others connected to the same network with it on/is it possible to not get any slowed network speed?

    Does using VPN use up more Wi-fi/data than normal if you didn't have it on, and if it does would that mean having VPN on can also slow down the Wi-fi speed for others who are connected to the same network? How? Is it also possible to have a VPN that does not slow down your internet speed at...
  14. I

    Question How do i get network to connect straight to game server ?

    As a South African, my options in online gaming are limited thus causing me to play with an average 160+ ping on EUR servers and 130+ ping on Middle East (Bahrain). One of the games i play is Valorant and FOR NO REASON! >:-(( this happens, View: My network...
  15. O

    Question Several problems in home wired & wireless network

    Hello guys. I have searched almost every corner of the internet and talked to anyone I knew in order to find a solution to my problem and came up with nothing so far. A little background to the story I live in a private home with 3 floors- main floor, second floor and basement. About two weeks...
  16. Nevis

    Question After Windows did a system update, I constantly have to use winsock reset at every boot of my PC ?

    After I updated my windows the wifi would just cut out every few mins like when I play a game and it shows the ping every few mins the game stops because the ping is in the rotating loading symbol and I lose wifi for a few seconds. My first fix was doing a system restore which fixed this but...
  17. T

    Question Making wired IP Phone wireless with router extender mode receive voice worse than wifi phone

    I have wired IP Phone Yealink SIP T-20 and want to connect it to a VOIP server via Wifi. So I connected the wired ip phone to wireless router (tp link wr840n) and enabled range extender mode on the router and selected the desired SSID. It works and I can make calls but it doesn't sound as good...
  18. SickTengu

    Question WiFi card randomly stops working ?

    I recently bought an EDUP EP-9655GS PCi WiFi card, and it seems to randomly stop receiving the internet while still being connected. A quick disconnect and reconnect is all it needs to work again but i find it tedious while simultaneously flying a mini in Rust. I've come to see if anyone could...
  19. P

    Question During afternoon and later, my network is slower.

    During morning hours till 5pm. my ethernet speed is normal at 50 mbps download and 5 mbps upload(also the speed of my plan). During afternoon thought, the speed can get considerably lower and playing games is impossible. I checked my router, the configuration is as should be. I assume because...
  20. P

    Question Gmail, YouTube, and possible Windows 10 issues ?

    So I am having issues where 95% of my webpages are functioning with no issue (twitch, reddit, forums, shopping, issues). However, Gmail, YouTube, Netflix/Hulu, and other random websites either won't load, play their content, or function properly. Cannot attach documents to emails...
  21. O

    Question Router trigger ports ?

    Dear all If I only want to open ports for a game that, for example, requires: TCP: 1000, 1100 UDP: 1000, 1100 And I want to do it in the trigger port function. 1. What info shall I then insert? Trigger port 0 ~ 0 Target port 0 ~ 0 For TCP, UDP or BOTH? 2. I have tried to experiment a bit...
  22. Hinatachan

    Question Speedtest is 1 gigabit but I get 20 MB max

    I recently got an internet that is 1 gigabit upload and down. I always get minimum 900 mbit speed test from Speedtest/ookla. But for some reason, it is unstable. I tried downloading from private trackers on qbittorent. I got max 20MByte speed. I am living in Turkey and my friend tried to...
  23. S

    Question Does turning on hotspot for your laptop use up more data than if just your phone was using mobile data?

    If you loaded up a website on either the phone or the laptop using data/hotspot, would they take the same amount of data to do so? Is hotspot slower than using the mobile data on the phone itself, or should it be the same? In general are laptops faster in loading sites compared to phones if...
  24. K

    Question Recommend Switch for 20 connection intranet

    Hello - We have 18 cashiers and a server that are currently connected on a unmanned 1 GB switch. (This system is not on the internet....but just a local intranet in same room). We are having some data drops and were told to look at a 2GB switch and upgrading our cables as a solution. I would...
  25. S

    Question Download problems over ethernet ?

    Hi y'all, I haven't posted with a problem in a while but this one is really bugging me. My roomates and I have had problems with our ethernet recently that have been beyond frustrating. Both of my roomates have switched to WIFI over ethernet because of slow download speeds, but I don't have the...
  26. N

    Question Network Device cant be controlled on same Wi-Fi

    Hi Everyone. Hopefully this is the correct place for this. Any help is appreciated because I posted this on another forum and didn't get any good help. I purchased a new smart home device that is basically an RF blaster. I have some storm shutters that are remote controlled with a 433hz RF...
  27. ImMatttt

    Question why is network file sharing speed limited to around 100mbps

    I have file sharing setup on 2 computers on my network, both are pretty modern and have nvm ssd drives and at least 1gb ethernet. They are both connected to the same 1gig switch with cat6 cables and both get around 600mbps download speeds on the internet. When reading or writing any file from...
  28. Z

    [SOLVED] Connect to NAS from anywhere

    Hi, Basically i have a NAS which i use to hold all the links in a application i use. the NAS is on my private network so when im at home all i have to do is add the file to the application and it stores it in the NAS and then when i want to open the file in the application it uses the file...
  29. l4whitney

    Question Game server port closes after specific local PC disconnects or server is restarted.

    I am currently running a Minecraft server for a few friends on a laptop connected to a TELUS Wi-Fi Hub. I have successfully configured it so that both local and global users can connect and everything works fine EXCEPT that when my roommate disconnects from the server or the server is restarted...
  30. ToxicThing

    Question When I turn on Windows 10 mobile hotspot, I lose internet connection on my PC ?

    Hey, I got this problem since I updated to newest version of Windows 10 yesterday I think. The problem is when I turn on mobile hotspot in Windows 10 and connect my phone, I lose internet on my pc. I am using cable internet and have 100 mb/s, but when I connect my phone it can't connect to...
  31. Unique Turtle

    Question iPhone will connect to WiFi extender but not to the router itself ?

    The title explains the problem, iPhone 11, internet on it was working fine, then suddenly, when I go to settings to see whats happening, the actual router has the loading icon next to it. However, I can connect to the extender of the router on my phone, I've troubleshooted to the max I believe...
  32. undlien

    Question my port forwarding dont work

    i want to make a minecraft server, i know normaly how to do it, and have done it before hundreds of times, but now it wont work, i have a static ip adress on my computer, bridget my first router and port forwarded my static ip on the second router, the second router has the wifi network i use
  33. JapaBrandão3D

    Question Motherboard Ethernet port problem

    I have a MAG (MSI) Bazooka B550M with Ryzen 7 5800x I bought this card approximately 6 months ago at Terabyte, 3 months ago it started to present a constant variation of the gigabit configuration on the network card, ranging from 10/100/1000 to 10/100 and limiting my connection, I did all the...
  34. V

    Upgrading WiFi card of a laptop for 5Ghz and Bluetooth support ?

    Hello, I would like to upgrade my wifi card because the RF antenna socket on the card for the AUX got broken. The soldering for that fell off. My laptop has two antenna for Main and Aux connections. However, the laptop is quite old and it only supports 2.4 ghz with no 5Ghz and Bluetooth...
  35. rwhite025

    Question iMac WiFi crossed out even though it's turned on?

    Hi - as of a few days ago my imac wifi has not been working. I have tried: restarting the computer resetting the SMC resetting the NVRAM deleting network preference files and restarting And every other solution that comes up when I search this problem online. Please let me know if there is...
  36. Andrei_2

    [SOLVED] [Solved] Want to share my Ethernet connection to my Redmi 7A via Bluetooth, but can't create a mobile hotspot on PC

    I can't create a mobile hotspot on PC because its missing the "Share over" option, as many places describe it should be there. Devices are paired, YourPhone works, I can send and receive files, but I cannot create a mobile hotspot. What do I need to do to make this option available? By the...
  37. T

    Question Networking Bottleneck and Ways to Fix it

    I'll just lay out all the facts and then what I'm looking into, let me know what y'all think. I pay for 400 mbps internet. I was getting that a few months ago, no problem. I did a random check again today when I hit a download cap of about 12 MBps which was different from the regular ~30 MBps...
  38. WhatLuck150

    Question 2 network cards, 1 pc, 1 network service

    I have a desktop, along with a spare network adapter from another system I'm not using, would it be possible to have both network cards on 1 pc, connected to the same network? If so what advantages and disadvantages would I be looking at, and would it have a faster connection speed?
  39. M

    Question Network connectivity issue with HUAWEI HG8145v5 when gaming ?

    Hello , i have been facing this problem for a long time and i did not know where to ask for help and i decided to ask here. I think that the main problem is with my router because i have this problem only on my network , when i connect to other wifi i dont have any problems. When i play games...
  40. T

    Question Good access point to cover a flat roof bungalow, front yard (36ft) and garden (100ft), 13ft above the house.

    Hello. I am looking for a wifi device to mount on antenna mast. The device should cover the bungalow from a height of 13ft below with wireless LAN. Also the front yard and garden. Red arrow: Antenna pole position. The garden does not have the visible trees. All the trees (except the one on the...