Call of Duty 4 Help!!!!!


Feb 18, 2012
Ok so I am fed up of playing CS1.6 with my friends and I was thinking of buying call of duty 4 and start a dedicated server so that 8-10 of my friends can play.My question is can I successfully host 8 players
My Upload Speed-0.43mbps
Download-0.55mbps(according to

P.S.All my friends live in a(2-7 kilometre radius)

Thanks in Advance :D :D :D
cod uses 8KB packets so for 10 players you need 8x10KBps which is 80KB your line is a little less than this at around 57KBps so your likely to have lag 1s you get up to 7-8 players.

what isp you using? as some will allow you to reduce your download speed for more upload...i guess yours is a 1mbps Adsl so they may allow you to set it to 512 each way which should be just enough.