Question Can 2 brand new PSU faulty ?

Feb 16, 2019
Hello, sorry for my bad english.
I have used PSU Corsair vs450 for 1 year around 8 hours/day. Last month my pc have shut off randomly and auto restart for 1 time a day or none a day, few days later 3times/day. 1 2 days later It staring boot loop, boot and shutoff repeatedly, sometime it shut off before bios load or window load.
So i think my PSU died. I send it to warranty company, they say it faulty, and gave me new Corsair vs550, i used it 3 days normally and then it shut off randomly again, and start to boot loop sooner than my older one.
So i think my new PSU died too, i send it to warranty company again, they say it faulty and give me another Corsair vs550, i use it for 5 days normally and then it start to shut off randomly again. No boot loop yet. I ran memtest86 with 2x4 ram no eror, ran Crystal Disk info with my ssd, hdd all good, reinstall window10 pro. Is it my mainboard broken and make PSU faulty? Is there any chance that 2 brand new PSU faulty ? Ask me whatever u want so u guys can help me.
Thank you very much!

My PC spec:
Window 10 Pro 64bit
CPU: I5 4590
Mainboard: Asus B85m-Gamer
Ram: 2x4 Hyperx Fury 4gb bus1600
PSU: Corsair VS550
GPU: Galax gtx 1060exoc 6gb
HDD: 250GB
SSD: 120GB
6 led fans, 2 led wires
It's possible it's your motherboard but it's unlikely.

Unplug the systems fans except the CPU fans and see if that stops it. If it does you have a bad fan.

However, it's happened a few times where there's been a bad "Batch" so to speak of PSU's on the market.