Can a ddr2 motherboard support a ddr3 graphics


Oct 11, 2011
I don't want to spend a lot of money on a new computer.I have a ddr2 memory motherboard and an Intel pentium dual core e2180 processor.I an not sure if i can install a gtx 460 on it.I want it because i want to play Battlefield 3.Currently i have on-board graphics.Please help..
If your motherboard has a PCI Express x16 slot, it would be able to use a GTX 460, the type of RAM your board supports has nothing to do with GPU compatibility. However, the card is likely to be bottlenecked by your very slow CPU. BF3 is going to very heavily favour quad core CPUs, I doubt it will run well on a slow dual core like the e2180, even with the GTX 460.

We also need to know what kind of power supply you have. Brand, model, how many amps on the +12V rail. A sticker on the side of the PSU should tell you those things. Given the fact your system is running a low end CPU with integrated graphics, I doubt the power supply that your system came with is going to be able to support a GTX 460.


Nov 3, 2009
Is this a home built PC or a Dell or something? Alot of times places like Dell and HP will not have the avaliable power (wattage or even plugs) for a mid to high end graphics card.

From what i've seen BF3 can be taxing on your system, so the processor would be the biggest thing holding your back. Do you know what chipset you have on your motherboard? And what your memory is clocked at? Original DDR2 ran as low as 200 MHz, which could also cause a sever bottleneck in a game like BF3.

Overall i think you could play it on low settings, but the experience would be less than ideal.

Chirag Borawake

Sep 23, 2011
Yes, it will support, if you have the right PCI-e X16 slot on your motherboard.
Only the thing is, you wont be able to play the game on maxed out settings, because firstly, it needs minimum GTX 580 to do so, and secondly, your processor will bottleneck your Graphics card for sure..!!


Apr 2, 2011
I played BF3 on the Intel e2180. Even overclocked to 3.2ghz it only gave an average of 23fps. I was lucky if it went over 30ish. There were heaps of moments when it went below 20 aswell. Resolution was 1600x900 and 1280x720. Both gave similar fps.