Can dell d620 latitude run call of duty 4


Oct 5, 2012
can my dell d620 latitude run call of duty 4
Specs of D620

Intel Core Duo T2400 1.83GHz
1GB 533MHz DDR2 RAM (2 x 512MB config)
80GB 5400RPM HD
14.1-inch WXGA screen
Integrated graphics (Intel Media Accelerator 950)
24X CDRW / DVD Combo
Windows XP Pro
Dell Wireless 1490 802.11 a/g and built-in Bluetooth


Dec 9, 2013
I know this must be outdated post but YOU CAN run Call of duty 4 You could even run Modern warfare 2 I have this laptop its great for a machine from 2003 i play my game on it some game on it If you wanna know game tested on it here a list

Half life 2 (Work at med setting smooth)

Portal (Work at med setting low resolution

L4d2 (At low setting

Oblivion (Med setting

Need for speed prostreet and decent one run smooth at low setting

Farcry 1 (at low setting

Crysis 1 low setting and resolution

Gta sa smoothly with low resolution

DOOM 3 Smooth at med setting

Minecraft NVIDIA CHIPSET ONLY View distance at short and every setting at high Intel Gma all low

Evergame that is from 2007-2005 should run on low setting Exept for gta iv