Question Can I add a splitter or hub to tpdeco device?


Mar 20, 2013
Hey guys, I need to add a wired ethernet connection to a tp deco device

as the iMac's wireless is not working connecting to it, some setting somewhere. My question is, this device has 2 ethernet ports, can I had a splitter or other adapter to one of the two ports so I can connect my iMac to it please?
In general these type of devices support hooking a switch to one of the ports.

What you are in effect doing is using the remote deco unit as a wifi nic for your mac. It is similar to having a USB wifi nic card but you are using ethernet rather than USB. They both will attempt to talk to the main router via wifi. If you mac is sitting right next to it you might try turning it off and connect to the router via wifi directly works better. Placing a repeater unit in a remote room is not the correct placement it gets the same bad signal from the main router as other device in the remote room do.

Now if you have a ethernet cable running to the main router then I would place the switch between the main router and the remote deco and then plug your pc into the switch. That way it does not even have to go through the deco unit.
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All depends on how cheap you want to go. Search 5 port unmanaged switch. If the wifi limits you to under 100mbps then a 10/100 switch is fine. Then again there is only about $5 difference between a 5 port 10/100 and a 5 port gigabit switch.

You will not find much difference between brands they all pretty much use the same internal hardware. I prefer the ones that have a metal case rather than plastic but for no real reason I guess.
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