Can I split HD LED leads?


Apr 26, 2005
I am adding a PCI SATA controller for two additional HDs. Can I splice additional leads onto the HD activity LED so that it will show activity on both the 2 drives connected to the MB SATA connectors AND the 2 new drives connected to the PCI SATA controller?

I don't want to burn anything up!

If this sounds dangerous, I guess I will use the power LED for drives connected to the controller card. You can hear my computer running from a block away, so a power LED isn't really useful.




Former Staff
Yes, you can have multiple LED signals going to the same LED. They're all the same voltage, and the voltage doesn't "stack". In fact, some boards had 4-pin LED connectors so you could passthrough the LED's from an add-in card. Some add-in cards had them too.

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