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    Question Connecting a focusrite sound card to old stereo speakers

    Hey there, I was wondering if I could connect a pair of Radiotehnika S-30 speakers to my Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen sound card? The speakers have 2 wires each so I'm a little confused. Would I be able to use them on it? Thanks.
  2. B

    Question How do I stop my monitor's audio from going to sleep?

    I have a problem where the audio playing through my hdmi connected monitor seemingly keeps going to sleep? (My sound system is connected to my monitor through a normal headphone jack) As in I might be listening to music or watching youtube videos and suddenly the audio stops playing. To fix...
  3. Question Desktop to passive speakers?

    I have an old powered JBL subwoofer and a pair of passive JBL tower speakers collecting dust in the basement. My 15-year-old PC speakers are on the fritz and before I go out and buy new speakers I was wondering if it were possible to leverage my old sub and speakers as a replacement. My PC has a...
  4. F

    Question Cambridge SoundWorks PCWorks distortion problem

    I've got old Cambridge SoundWorks PCWorks 2.1 for very cheap price from second hand and it is very distorted when volume is more than 4%(measured from windows). I had older 4.1 model maybe before 13 years and i don't remember such thing. It's not distorted as if the speakers were not handling...
  5. Phuj

    Question Can't add any new Headphones/Speakers to Audio Inputs and Outputs

    Out of nowhere yesterday my headphones suddenly stop working, after some fiddling I decided to reinstall and uninstall the drivers, etc. After doing that I noticed that it no longer appeared in the bottom right under audio - 'select playback device', and in Device Manager it no longer was in...
  6. fixedeyes

    Question Need Onboard Speakers while Mic plugged into headset jack

    Hi there, And thanks in advance for any help with this problem I'm hoping to resolve. What I'm looking to do seems simple. I am streaming from my i7 HP Pavillion Laptop 14-ce0505sa using a mic plugged into the headset jack. The mic is recognized as a headset instead of just a mic and so no...
  7. LoizosAristides

    Question PS/2 Type speakers to Laptop 3.5mm port

    Hello, First time in posting here, so please excuse me if I'm in the wrong forum section.... So we own a pretty old desktop computer, which uses a pair of Altec Lansing AVS300 speakers. Now that specific line of speakers is a pretty old one, but they still sound amazing. Because I am kind of...
  8. AXHAF

    Question Laptop's internal speakers dont work but headphones do.

    I've been having this issue for quite a time now. I've tried almost every solution from wiggling toothpick in headphones jack to reinstalling drivers but problem remains unsolved. PLEASE HELP! Thanks Regards, Axhaf
  9. Kaitaborgsf

    Question Monitor and speaker compatibility

    I'm looking at an LG 32GK650F-B monitor but am concerned with the ability to attach external speakers for when I'm using the Firestick (there are no built-in speakers). The monitor has one headphone out jack which on a cursory Google search looks like it might work for external speakers, but I...
  10. B

    Question Audio Enhancements Mutes My Sound

    I've been running Equalizer APO for a long time (years) without issue. Today suddenly, my speakers(which are connected to realtek) are muted. Headphones work, other peripheral speakers work. The sound comes back when I go into the Speaker properties and turn OFF audio enhancements. This of...
  11. K

    Question Surround speakers

    I have an Asus strix soar sound card and 2.1 speakers. The card support 7.1 surround audio. If i want to use that attribute of the card can i buy two pairs of 2.0 speakers or do i need a complete 7.1 speakers kinda like the Logitech Z906?
  12. M

    Question Speaker feedback when fps is uncappeed

    Hi, I have this problem with my pc that whenever I play games with uncapped frame rates my speakers squeal, the pitch fluctuates with the frame rate. My jbl 5inch monitors are plugged into a pod ux2 amp via usb. I am unsure where the interference is coming from, I have heard that it can...
  13. J

    Question 3.5mm Jack no longer working or detecting any devices?

    Hello, I recently had to completely wipe out and restore my pc due to an issue caused by my GPU, and had to RMA the card. Ever since I got my new card and installed Windows 10 to my PC, the 3.5mm jack wont work. It doesn't even detect anything being plugged in. Things I have checked and...
  14. kjrr.2136

    Question DIY sound bar from old laptop speakers !help!

    Hello i am thinking of making a Bluetooth sound bar out of my old laptop lenovo laptop ( ideapad 510) internal speakers, from the internet i learnt that you need to change the digital signal to analog and then amplify the signal before connecting it to the speaker. I am a little worried about...
  15. K

    Question Need help with receiver and monitor speakers

    Hi, Got Mackie's MR5, and Yamaha HTR-6250. I can not figure how to connected than - other than plug speakers into a front 1\4 jack. Problems are: A) Have to plug via a split-Y cable, which is an issue 'cause B) It hissing - and it's REALLY annoying. Using receiver to get HDMI video and audio...
  16. D

    Question Only 1 speaker works after x amount of time? (Intermittent and buzz noise)

    I have 2 issues which happen usually once or twice a day but there doesn't seem to be anything specific that causes the issue. I have: 2 x Yamaha HS5 Monitor 1 x Yamaha YSTFSW100 Subwoofer Asus Xonar DX 7.1 Sound Card (I don't think any other hardware matters?) The issue itself: No issue...
  17. F

    Question Why my Windows 10 audio mutes after plugging in speakers?

    Almost every time i plug in big speakers into blasterx sound card thru 3.5mm jack, my audio on W10 goes muted/unplugged/disconnected. And i have to wait 10 seconds to restart itself? Is there some kind of short-circuit?
  18. H

    Question how to turn non surround speakers into stereo surround

    I have bought a pa system that has a big sub and two big speakers. They aren't surround (i mean left and right separated) but I now want to use the system for my computer and would like to have left and right side sound designated to each speaker. is there any hardware that would allow me to do...
  19. Mr3dPHD

    Question Static through PC speakers every time data is being transferred

    I've had these speakers setup for a couple of weeks now and haven't had any issues. All of a sudden, today, I noticed a bit of static noise coming from them. I installed an update for my printer, and the moment the download began, the static went crazy. What would cause static interference to...
  20. D

    Question Built new pc, Mobo detects speakers, but no sound

    New pc, plugged in speakers to rear Speaker out port. Downloaded drivers from Msi. Everywhere I checked detects the speakers, they're set to default, and when I play music they display the audio frequencies, but again I hear no sound. If i plug them into the Front port of my case, I get sound. I...