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  1. N

    Question Is it bad to use smart power strip with speakers?

    I’m interested in buying a smart power strip to use with two studio speakers because it’s really annoying to have to reach behind the speakers to hit the power button every time I want to turn them on, with my setup. I wanted to know if it would be bad for the speakers because I understand it to...
  2. L

    Question Speakers making noise

    Hello, My speakers are making an annoying buzzing sound when I plug them into my pc with an AUX-cable. When I plug them into my phone with the same cable the noise is reduced a lot, how do I make it so that the noise is reduced when they are plugged into my pc? Thanks in advance.
  3. K

    Question Can you plug speakers in the headphone jack?

    I’m planning to plug in Z150 speakers to the headphone jack which is located at the back of my 23 - inch Samsung curved monitor, is this safe to do so?
  4. allinone1989

    Question how to choose a receiver for my Fluance sx6?

    Hi, I'm starting to dig in quality sound and because of my folly bought speakers firstly lol. I want to buy some inexpensive stereo receiver. What parameters are crucial?
  5. lir2150

    Question Speakers not working but headset do

    Hi everyone, since I changed my motherboard I've not been able to make my speakers work, although my headset do. A few thing to have in mind: The new motherboard is a ASUS Rog Maximus X Formula The speakers are connected to the rear speakers jack (the black one). They used to work before...
  6. BlazingAngels

    Question Returning Logitech Z207 Speakers

    I have submitted a return on Amazon for my new Logitech speakers and marked them defective but I noticed some weird crud where amplifier is and not sure if it is from something I did or it came that way from the manufacturer. I nervous about sending them back because Amazon might claim that I...
  7. M

    Question Help me use my Klipsch Home Audio Speakers for my car

    Hello! Just bought a Lexus RX300 2003 yesterday. The speaker system is horrible. I happen to have a set of Klipsch 2.1 Computer Speakers that I am not using at the house. The set includes two satellite speakers and a 6.5'' sub encased. Gives phenomenal sound quality for the price & size. I...
  8. J

    Question Help Choosing a speaker set for my computer.

    Hi, I'm currently in the market for speakers to use on my computer primarily for gaming. I have narrowed it down to these two and I am not sure which would be best. 1.Presonus Eris E3.5...
  9. D

    Question speakers not working with my PC anymore

    Hello, Recently my PC speakers is not working anymore while the same speaker works very well on ps4 and xbox one via monitor AUX plug please advise me which things i should check to get it working again my motherboard Gigabyte z77x-ud3h and I use razer ultimate blackwidow keyboard and I use...
  10. Munez1

    Question Help with connecting Lasonic L-30 to a PC

    Hello there, I am very much a newbie to all the audio stuff. So here is the thing, I have an old Lasonic L-30 with 2 working speakers, I was wondering how can i connect it to my PC so I can use this stereo system as speakers for my PC? Here are the pictures of the rear panel so you can see what...
  11. N

    Question Sound Settings Messed Up

    I use both headphones and speakers but they are set to the same output called "Dual Speakers." When I don't have headphones in, sound only comes out of the speakers, and when I have my headphones plugged in, sound only comes out of them. How can I separate the two into different outputs, and how...
  12. lordtristan28

    [SOLVED] A upgrade from the Logitech z506 speakers.

    Hi, So as the title suggests, Im looking to upgrade from my z506s to something bigger, Now. I know that the z333 and z623 and there, But is there any other types that would be better? I'm not to big on audio and dont really know what more "wattage" means. I would love to keep logitech since...
  13. P

    Question Weird issues with HDMI/DVI

    This is pretty unusual. I have a prebuilt computer (tc-885), and it came with a graphics card preinstalled, a gt 830 (?) and a i5 8400. After upgrading ram to 2x8gb, and changing the power supply, the integrated graphics and the gpu both seemed to work fine on my hdmi cable showing the full 75hz...
  14. N

    Question Pc build help

    So I own a gigabyte b450m ds3h and when I turn on the pc all comes on fine but nothing gets displayed and so when I try to turn it off I hold the power button but the orange light on the mother board and the power button light blinks and will not let me turn it off
  15. ruekasu

    Question Bought new SSD, using for some apps, want to add OS to it but don't want to lose files

    Hello! I bought a new SSD to load up some games a lot faster (bought a 1TB drive), I'm still using my HDD for most of my files anyway since I've got a ton of pictures and games that don't really require an SSD. Now I want to migrate Windows 10 to my SSD, I'm using the installation media to...
  16. C

    Question Component Choices

    My current setup is a GTX1050 FX4300 CX450 GA78LMT R2 Mobo. In the next years i will be saving up a lot of money for new pc parts. First (somewhere around August-December) should i get a Ryzen 3 or Ryzen 5. I have a budget of around 800£ to spend on parts. If something i will get a B450...
  17. S

    Question Windows shows lower dram frequency ecen cpu z

    Hi Im new to this forum hope i didnt mess with any rulles to post like this So ive got 4 slots of 4gb 3000mhz adata flame series with cl16 And i put them in their slots in motherboard exactly as the manual said and in bios i tried to change the frequency to 3200 and 2933(in case that my...
  18. Tanyac

    Question ASUS XG-C100C 10g adapter slow to connect and regularly disconnects

    If you've used Windows with mapped drives you'll be familiar with the "Could not reconnect all network drives" error that has been around since Windows 7. There are no absolute fixes, but several workarounds. One such is to run a batch script at log on which reconnects the drives so you don't...
  19. Jerryvang1

    Question Computer doesn't work anymore

    So I decided to finally upgrade my computer from an AMD FX6300 to Intel i7-6700K. My friend upgraded his computer recently and gave me his unwanted parts, an I7-6700K CPU and an Asus Z170-e motherboard. I bought new 16GB RAM(2 x 8GB sticks) a new heat sink, Corsair H60 and installed all these...
  20. K

    Question Displayport Priority with three monitors

    Hey guys, I have an issue in which i'm trying to set up a triple monitor setup. Basically, I have one connected to a DVI, and two to separate displayports, all on my GPU. The weird thing is, being that the ones connected to the DP require DP to run at 4k 60hz and 1440p 144hz, there is no getting...