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  1. Munez1

    Question Help with connecting Lasonic L-30 to a PC

    Hello there, I am very much a newbie to all the audio stuff. So here is the thing, I have an old Lasonic L-30 with 2 working speakers, I was wondering how can i connect it to my PC so I can use this stereo system as speakers for my PC? Here are the pictures of the rear panel so you can see what...
  2. lordtristan28

    [SOLVED] A upgrade from the Logitech z506 speakers.

    Hi, So as the title suggests, Im looking to upgrade from my z506s to something bigger, Now. I know that the z333 and z623 and there, But is there any other types that would be better? I'm not to big on audio and dont really know what more "wattage" means. I would love to keep logitech since...
  3. N

    Question Pc build help

    So I own a gigabyte b450m ds3h and when I turn on the pc all comes on fine but nothing gets displayed and so when I try to turn it off I hold the power button but the orange light on the mother board and the power button light blinks and will not let me turn it off
  4. ruekasu

    Question Bought new SSD, using for some apps, want to add OS to it but don't want to lose files

    Hello! I bought a new SSD to load up some games a lot faster (bought a 1TB drive), I'm still using my HDD for most of my files anyway since I've got a ton of pictures and games that don't really require an SSD. Now I want to migrate Windows 10 to my SSD, I'm using the installation media to...
  5. ceriumin

    [SOLVED] Component Choices

    My current setup is a GTX1050 FX4300 CX450 GA78LMT R2 Mobo. In the next years i will be saving up a lot of money for new pc parts. First (somewhere around August-December) should i get a Ryzen 3 or Ryzen 5. I have a budget of around 800£ to spend on parts. If something i will get a B450...
  6. S

    Question Windows shows lower dram frequency ecen cpu z

    Hi Im new to this forum hope i didnt mess with any rulles to post like this So ive got 4 slots of 4gb 3000mhz adata flame series with cl16 And i put them in their slots in motherboard exactly as the manual said and in bios i tried to change the frequency to 3200 and 2933(in case that my...
  7. Tanyac

    Question ASUS XG-C100C 10g adapter slow to connect and regularly disconnects

    If you've used Windows with mapped drives you'll be familiar with the "Could not reconnect all network drives" error that has been around since Windows 7. There are no absolute fixes, but several workarounds. One such is to run a batch script at log on which reconnects the drives so you don't...
  8. Jerryvang1

    Question Computer doesn't work anymore

    So I decided to finally upgrade my computer from an AMD FX6300 to Intel i7-6700K. My friend upgraded his computer recently and gave me his unwanted parts, an I7-6700K CPU and an Asus Z170-e motherboard. I bought new 16GB RAM(2 x 8GB sticks) a new heat sink, Corsair H60 and installed all these...
  9. R

    Question PC not posting!!

    Hello to the community. Recently my old AMD PC stopped working. I was working on a project and then I needed to restart and boot into Ubuntu for another project (Dual boot Windows-Ubuntu). After it finished shutting down, it tried to start up again but the monitor remained blank - no post no...
  10. C

    Question Finding my LG BU40N Firmware version?

    Hi. I'm trying to figure out what version the firmware is on my LG BU40N. How can I do this? Thanks!
  11. U

    Question Trying to setup a single PC Streaming Rig.

    I currently have a build that I am trying to stream with and I am having all sorts of issues doing so... Any help would be greatly appreciated, below are the specs of my build. I9-9900k EVGA RTX 2080 32gb RAM Gigabyte Aorus Master If you guys have any ideas as to why I'm getting such choppy...
  12. M

    Question Power cuts out and clicks on and off endlessly.

    My guess is power or cooling. Full tower Cosmos C700P case, 2x140 front fans, 1x140 rear fan, 2x 140 top fans. I9 7900x, liquid cooled, Single GTX 1080 Ti, liquid cooled. 54GB trident RGB 3200, Win 10. Have seen 183* Fahrenheit on CPU package (in Neverwinter, 4K) and 165* on GPU. Have a 1200W...
  13. Sowreen

    [SOLVED] Should I buy an used GPU

    Hi. As the title say should I buy an used gpu? I'm planning to buy a GTX 1080 for my custom rig and I was wandering if an used gpu may be as good in performance as a new one. When I'm saying a used gpu I am talking about the ones that were used for light/hard gaming not the one used for mining...
  14. P

    Question Parts still stay on even when computer is turned off

    When I turn off my computer, my microphone and keyboard stay on. This problem is only resolved if I turn off the power supply completely.
  15. A

    Question Dell Inspiron 5110 no display only light on power

    Hello Everyone, I need help on a laptop dell inspiron N5110 whose not getting any display and not even making the windows sound. i tried to reset the bios still the same. Can some help me with this?
  16. I

    Question Will past prebuilt parts work with new Case,PSU and A new CPU?

    Hello, Im trying to replace my old fx 4300 with a fx 8350 to run games better. I would upgrade to current gen but im a student and don't have that much money. Nevertheless I have the specs of my old prebuilt and I have the specs a new case and PSU. Mobo: 760gma-p34(fx) Case: AZZA CSAZ-221...
  17. xTheOneWhoKnocks

    [SOLVED] SSD shows up in Gparted but not in UEFI BIOS - stuck in Aptio setup utility loop

    Background: My Asus Transformer laptop(with a HDD) stopped booting into the OS out of the blue and got stuck in the Aptio Setup Utility. I hadn't really made any software changes. It was dual boot with Ubuntu 18.02 and Windows 8.1. I tried all the solutions I found about changing the security...
  18. S

    Question Just updated BIOS but there is no video output

    Hi everyone, Just updated my motherboard bios. After rebooting the screen says no signal detected. I've just built this PC so I'm a bit annoyed at the moment. I've tried clearing the BIOS as well but that hasn't worked. Any other ideas will be appreciated or a step-by-step guide on what to do...
  19. W

    [SOLVED] Download speeds vs. upload

    I don't use a great deal of bandwidth, so I pay for a lower level of 10 Mps. on DSL It serves me fine for streaming my Netflix or Youtube, and daily internet needs. It can be a pain though, when I need to download larger files such as a video or game files. (Doom took something like 14 hours)...
  20. onur2161

    Question GTX 1660 enough watts??

    hi guys i have a pc i5 4670 gtx 960 (2gb) 16gb ram corsair vs450 psu i want to upgrade to a GTX 1660 but do i need to buy an other psu or is this psu enough for that gpu
  21. dthomas1266

    Question Which option to go with for new gaming pc

    Hello, so i don't know much about computer parts. I have a gaming pc but my brother built it for me but that was 4 years ago an now i want to upgrade an he lives far away from me currently. I went on offer up and saw these 3 computers in my price range. which option do you guys suggest and let...
  22. C

    Question How do i put games on my sd card for an amazon fire 7

    How do I download games on amazo n fire 7 AS card?
  23. B

    Question How can I remove metal thermal paste from a CPU socket?

    Very foolishly, having applied some conductonaut to both CPU and heatsink, I attempted to screw the cooler in without first putting the CPU back in the socket. D'oh. Unsurprisingly, my mobo didn't like it, so obviously some liquid metal has got into the CPU socket (AM4 board, if that matters)...
  24. Lt Mashumaro

    [SOLVED] Just bought a 10TB WD100EMAZ hard drive, and neither BIOS/UEFI or Windows 7 is detecting it.

    Pretty self-explanatory. I bought it from someone on eBay for $190 which was a steal in my eyes, and it was listed as new. It is also a NAS drive, so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with Windows recognizing it because I've never used one before. I've doubled checked all the cables and...
  25. G

    Question Can a laptop keyboard soften with time?

    Hey, guys, what's up! I recently bought an Asus Vivobook X510UA laptop, which is doing a really great job with me. The only downside, however, is the fact that its keyboard looks very rigid. Sometimes, when I'm typing, some keys are not registered, as if I haven't pressed it enough. Maybe I'm...
  26. E

    Question worth upgrading from i5-4690K to i5-8600K or 9600K

    Looking to upgrade my CPU and a few other components, was wondering whether to go for the 8600k or 9600k Specs: CPU: i5-4690k GPU: MSI GTX 1070 Ti RAM: 16gb HyperX fury 1600mhz Mobo: MSI gaming 5
  27. E

    Question Best Z370/Z390 motherboard for 8th gen CPUs

    Im looking to upgrade to 8600K CPU and was wondering which motherboard will be best for me looking to spend around 180 max. My colour scheme is red and black so preferring a motherboard to suit those colours. Thanks in advance
  28. H

    Question My CPU bottlenecking VGA?

    I Have RX 480 8gb graphics but my CPU is old haswell i5 4460, is itu bottlenecking my GPU?, Should i upgrade my CPU?
  29. O

    Question No sound since last Dell update.

    No sound at all, Headset plugged in but it tell me No headset plugged in, with Inspiron 3655 using winows 10
  30. M

    Question Help me choose from these 3 cards

    Hello, I'd like to help my brother to choose a graphics card from these 3. His specs are -i5 6500 -8gb 2400 ddr4 -Cooler Master 600W psu The cards in question are: Gigabyte GV-N1060WF2OC-3GD 273 usd Gigabyte GV-RX580GAMING-4GD 273 usd MSI RX 570 ARMOR 8G OC 210 usd Thank you :)
  31. C

    [SOLVED] PC Suddenly Performing Badly

    My build: Ryzen 3 1300x EVGA GTX 1060 6gb SSC 8gb DDR4 MSI B350 Tomahawk mobo 600 watt PSU I've had this build for about a year now, and I've always been able to get 100+ FPS at 1080p on all my games, but recently I've been getting framerates in the 60-70 range with dips into the 40's. I...
  32. Bad Sector

    [SOLVED] 4GB + 8GB Memory HyperX on Asus Prime Z390-A

    Hey Guys. I have a Asus Prime Z390-A with a Core i3 8100 and 2 RAM DIMMs HX424C15FB/4GB (DDR4-2400 CL15) HX424C15FB/8GB (DDR4-2400 CL15) And these are new!! I want to install both RAMs in system but I scared if it cause any problem for example Motherboard Problem another Question is: Do u...
  33. L

    Remove personal info from laptop but leave pre-installed games

    I would like to sell or donate an old laptop, a Toshiba Satellite T235D-S1345, 64 bit, Windows 7. I know I need to wipe the hard drive but would like to keep the preinstalled games that came with the laptop for the next owner. I have already deleted my account and assigned the administrator as...
  34. A

    Question Motherboard max cpu cores

    Hello, I apologize if this is a dumb question, but do motherboards have a maximum CPU core support? I'm still deciding between this two motherboards and I was more inclined to the strix untill I saw the "supports up to 8 cores". The ch7 doesnt even have info on core support. I wish to keep the...
  35. M

    Question Convert and Copy

    So I used to have windows 7 and whenever I would move an audio m4a or m4b from my pc to android windows would always offer to convert and copy. It seems windows 10 does not. Is there a way to enable this in windows 10?
  36. K

    Question Brand New i9-9900k won’t boot

    So i just bought a new gpu to get a better gaming expirience with hopes of starting to stream on pc soon. I decided to go fullout on my new parts because i would like thses parts to last me quite a bit of time. So i got a intel i9-9900k cpu followed up by learning that my 2080 ti was going to...
  37. NoMercyBeAst

    [SOLVED] gigabyte ga-78lmt-usb3

    Hello guys, I recently got a MSI gtx 1060 6GB from a gift. And I have a gigabyte ga-78lmt-usb3 motherboard. My CPU fx 4350 is not able to handle the gtx 1060. Like am low on budget so I am getting a fx 8350 at a very cheap rate from market. Will my motherboard gigabyte ga-78lmt-usb3 be able...
  38. N

    Question x5675/ GA-EX58-UD3R OC with 500w Psu?

    Picked up the combo for a really good deal and planning to squeeze more performance out of it. The lowest wattage psu i've read some guy use was a 550w, so im wondering if i can get away with a Evga 500w white to get a decent overclock. Aswell the guy I picked this up from said it pulls 450-500w...
  39. H

    Question Reliable PSU 650w/750w

    I am trying to find a reliable PSU at no more than $95 USD, though am not sure what is good quality and what is not. I live overseas in HK and will be using sites like Newegg to hopefully get it over here with free shipping. Any PSU suggestions?
  40. Danib0y26

    Question Device Manager Ethernet Controller and API Interface

    Hi Guys, I have a Gigabyte Z390 Auros Extreme Motherboard and have just completed a fresh build, have fully installed windows 10 pro and completed all updates. I am connected to the internet via Ethernet cable and is working fine (I think) anyway in my device manager its showing I need...