Question Upgrading audio setup

Jul 5, 2019
My current setup: logitechx540 plugged into xonar dx card. Headphones plugged into fiio e10k. capacitive microphone plugged into 24v power supply that was a part of the set, the signal is transmitted via 2x RCA-> minijack to the sound card.

It worked fine, but recently I started having issues with the sound card (losing channels, no sound, etc) so I started considering an upgrade. If possible, with possibility of using the current speakers as I cant afford replacing everything at once.

My assumptions (please correct me if Im wrong)
  1. As I said, the mic is connected to 24v. Quality is mediocre, quite a lot of noise, rather silent. The signal is sent to software - VST host with rea plugins which I use to denoise and boost gain. Can the issue with loudness be caused by the fact that its using 24v rather than 48v phantom power supply? Can I damage anything if I connect it to phantom power?
  2. I found out there are dedicated hardware pieces which can be used to improve the quality (such as behringer mdx2600) which would also allow me to get rid of software-induced latency. I'd still need phantom power or interface with built in power supply? If I remember correctly, I could connect mic to sth like behringer UMC204HD through XLR, then through 2x RCA it would send the signal to the MDX 2600 and then through a cable of choice (2x rca-> mini jack or optical) to the soundcard on pc. Is that right?
  3. When it comes to speakers, I want to keep 5.1. And this is where things become confusing.
I could choose a USB DAC 5.1 and easily connect the desired hardware. However, it seems that connecting proper colums (that I want to eventually purchase) would not be possible?
Alternatively, I could grab a 5.1 amplituner (lets say a used Onkyo TX-SR606). However, it has separate 2x RCA for every speaker, so connecting my current speakers doesn't seem to be possible. Furthermore, I'd still have to connect the thing to PC and the only possible choice is the integrated sound card which I want to avoid (poor quality, interference from other hardware)... so I'd have to grab some USB DAC anyway? Sounds kinda weird.

What do?


For a decent upgrade you can use a FiiO K3 and use the line out to connect your speakers to at the same time as the headphones but if you want a real 5.1 surround setup, external USB cards are not easy to find in good quality. Creative Sound Blaster Omni Surround 5.1 USB may be good.