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    Question Speakers not working but Headset is

    Hello, So my problem is that when I use my headset as the audio output device and plug it out to plug in the speakers they don't work, the only way for them to work is to restart the whole PC with the speakers plugged in so that the speakers work. I find this to be weird and I couldn't find a...
  2. A

    Question Speakers not working.

    Hello, So my problem is that when I use my headset as the audio output device and plug it out to plug in the speakers they don't work, the only way for them to work is to restart the whole PC with the speakers plugged in so that the speakers work. I find this to be weird and I couldn't find a...
  3. R

    Question Upgrading the center speaker

    Im thinking of upgrading my energy take 5.1 center speaker. is it worth it to buy the Klipsch R25C?
  4. K

    [SOLVED] How to know if you've damaged your speakers?

    I use Edifier R1280T without the exterior grill. So the subwoofers are exposed to dust. It appears that the maid has cleaned them directly with the regular dusting clothes and that too with force. There's no holes or any sign of visible damage on the speakers. As I understand it, these things...
  5. saleemgh

    Question The sound on my pc doesn't seem to work

    Hello, ive been trying to get my audio to work for a while now, i have a B450 tomahawk motherboard and i'm using logitech z607 5.1 speakers. The problem is that when i try and use rca to aux to connect my speakers to my pc it is recognised and my pc asks me what i just plugged in and i tell it...
  6. E

    Question Studio speaker has stopped working

    Hi I own a pair of JBL 305LSR's and one of then has suddenly stopped working. It worked the other day with quite a long time out of use (1 year). I checked the fuse inside the speaker after taking the back plate off and swapped it with the working fuse on the speaker that was okay and it still...
  7. BillWiTheScienceFi

    Question Static and other noises from speakers

    I built my pc back in october and got a new monitor and a set of speakers to go with it, have not had any issues till recently. My speakers are making different noises and i cant seem to get rid of it. I have no other tech by my pc including my phone. Ive made sure drivers are updated. My pc...
  8. J

    [SOLVED] Speakers making a...sound...not sure

    So every now and then my speakers are making a cartoony falling off a cliff sound...seems to be random, just a faint high pitched Peeeeeeeeeew starts kinda loud and quickly falls off to nothing... Anybody know whats going on?
  9. X

    Question Small bluetooth speakers that are wall mountable?

    Hello, so I wanted to know if anyone here has seen/purchased any small bluetooth speakers. I'm looking to have two of them, one on each side of my bed so I can play rain sound effects at night, as I find them soothing. I want to be able to just connect them to my phone, and have it play almost...
  10. E

    Question No Bass on multiple Speakers Windows 10

    Hi there, now what I have is a really weird problem with the bass on my PC speakers that doesn't make any sense to me but bear with me please. After my last budget speakers, which worked just fine, died after falling from the table I had to buy new ones. First, I bought a pair of Logitech...
  11. T

    Question Is it safe to connect speakers to my subwoofer?

    So, let me start, I don't have any knowledge about audio systems at all. I recently got a Logitech s220 subwoofer, and I want to use it, the sub has a 3.5mm jack with the label 'speakers' on it. I don't have the original speakers, I have some cheap $10 speakers, and I want to connect them to the...
  12. D

    What would be better for me? Coaxial or component car speakers?

    I was looking at upgrading the speakers. I was looking at the best buy one's. IDK if they do the installs thou. They used to at the future shop i remember. I can prob find a shop that does it if not easy in my city. I was thinking just getting coaxial as i can keep the radio (kicker speakers...
  13. R

    Question Will this receiver be strong enough?

    Hello, i have this Onkyo home theater system: https://www.cnet.com/products/onkyo-ht-s3800-home-theater-system-5-1-channel/ I was thinking about replacing center speaker with this one: https://www.cnet.com/products/yamaha-ns-c444/ I need it for movies and gaming mostly. I am not planing to...
  14. robax91

    Question Which of these speakers should I pick for my entry level sound system?

    I have a JVC KD-X370BTS receiver and I wanted to know which of these speakers would be best to pair with it. This is just an entry level setup for my older car, so a pair of speakers for $15-40 is right around my budget. Honestly I am OK just getting the cheapest ones unless there is some reason...
  15. techflame700

    [SOLVED] Looking for some speakers

    I currently have an old Logitech X140 speaker system hooked up to my PC. Since they are pretty old I was thinking about replacing them with something that sounds a little better. I only have room on my desk for a 2.0 setup but I could squeeze a 2.1 in if I had to. Do you have any...
  16. VGM8Richard

    Question Moron wants to buy turntable

    Hey I am a complete noob when it comes to turntables and audio in general but I have a special connection with it due to nostalgia with my family and would love to own one on the cheap. Problem is I don't want to buy an extra set of speakers to connect to them (did some shallow diving on the...
  17. E

    Question Desktop Speakers turn off when not in use ?

    At the moment my desktop speakers stay on but are not powered when pc shuts down, so trying to find speakers that will shutdown when not in use. Any suggestions ?
  18. J

    Question What is wrong with my speaker connection? (Only one speaker playing audio if not plugged in a specific way)

    I have an old Logitech X-230 2.1 audio system for over 7 years now. My whole build is below on my signature, if more details are needed. I have noticed for some time now that my right speaker does not play audio unless I spin/rotate the cable jack to a certain degree in the motherboard's green...
  19. T

    [SOLVED] Logitech g560 Speakers

    Hey guys, I recently purchased the logitech g560 speakers for both my PC and my PS4. On my pc I have the logitech gaming software. When first plugging them in I did not enjoy the reactive RGB lights it comes out of the box with, so I changed them with the logitech software. When using the...
  20. L

    Question Audio jacks on back I/O

    Okay so I have a pair of speakers and headphones, now my headphones are plugged in my back I/O and my speakers in my front. It's this way because my front I/O is damaged and when cable is moved it starts to lose contact. Now it works fine like this but looks really ugly and I was wondering if...
  21. D

    Question speakers behind mointor still bad?

    I have a Asus XG248Q 23.8 and razer nomo speakers, i don't have lots of space and both speakers are directly behind the screen is this something that can cause the screen to crash/ magnet out or do any damage to the screen?
  22. S

    [SOLVED] USB power problems - speakers, keyboard & mouse not working on startup

    Hello, dear community Here's the issue - when I start the PC, my wireless keyboard and mouse are not working until I pull out and plug back into the USB port the extension cable. The wireless dongle is on an active USB extension cable. Another issue (again on startup) - static noise comes out of...
  23. X

    Question Headphones/Speakers issue

    Hi, I have a win 10 msi gs63 notebook. both my speakers and my headset is recognized by the sounds panel, by realtek and by nahimic 2. whenever i insert my headphones they are recognized automatically by all three as well. now to the funky part: when i insert my headphones the sound comes out...
  24. NightHawkRMX

    Question Can this AMP power these speakers.

    Hello. I have 2 drivers robbed from some 90s Compaq computer speakers with 4-ohm impedance and 8w labeled on the back of both speakers. I have this amp from dell AX210 computer speakers. This amp utilizes 2 of these amplifier IC's. One of the drivers started rattling, so I no longer have them...
  25. thinksachi

    Question My speakers make a crackling static noise

    My speakers make a crackling static noise when I browse the internet and I'm listening to music on Youtube or Spotify. I know it's not the speakers as I just bought a new set and they make the same noise. They're both using a jack as opposed to usb. It happens when I'm playing music on Youtube...
  26. DivineBacon

    Question Front IO only plays through one speaker

    So I've been here a long time and would really like a fix plz. So I have speakers and a headset when i plug either in the front IO they both only play through one speaker but if i plug either in the back IO they work great. I've tried restarting and updating drivers. Not sure what to do please...
  27. T

    [SOLVED] Better Audio on board or from old Soundcard?

    I recently bought the https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/ROG-STRIX-B450-F-GAMING/specifications/ and, although it has onboard sound, I continue to use my SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme card. I have never had "surround sound" (I use a Logitech z553 3-speaker...
  28. L

    Question Upgrading audio setup

    My current setup: logitechx540 plugged into xonar dx card. Headphones plugged into fiio e10k. capacitive microphone plugged into 24v power supply that was a part of the set, the signal is transmitted via 2x RCA-> minijack to the sound card. It worked fine, but recently I started having issues...
  29. S

    Question motherboard makes speakers hiss,

    this may sound ridiculous but, my motherboard 3.5mm line-in jack makes my subwoofer's left channel hiss. I know its the left channel because no matter what speaker is plugged into it, that speaker will hiss. Now I know that it's my motherboards problem because plugged the speaker set into my...
  30. A

    Question Cannot configure optical audio device to output 5.1 surround on windows 10.

    Hello, first off I am not sure if this was the correct thread to ask this question so forgive me if I am wrong in posting this here. Anyway, I was recently given a 5.1 channel Vizio sound bar system and will be using it as my computer speakers, I ran an optical audio cable from the soundbar to...
  31. N

    Question Help with amplifier choice

    As the title said i need help on choosing a amplifer here is a diagram for my setup before the center thingy broke speakers are from a phillips soundbar, and i really need help choosing a amp for at least the speakers (excluding sub)
  32. N

    Question Is it bad to use smart power strip with speakers?

    I’m interested in buying a smart power strip to use with two studio speakers because it’s really annoying to have to reach behind the speakers to hit the power button every time I want to turn them on, with my setup. I wanted to know if it would be bad for the speakers because I understand it to...
  33. L

    Question Speakers making noise

    Hello, My speakers are making an annoying buzzing sound when I plug them into my pc with an AUX-cable. When I plug them into my phone with the same cable the noise is reduced a lot, how do I make it so that the noise is reduced when they are plugged into my pc? Thanks in advance.
  34. K

    Question Can you plug speakers in the headphone jack?

    I’m planning to plug in Z150 speakers to the headphone jack which is located at the back of my 23 - inch Samsung curved monitor, is this safe to do so?
  35. allinone1989

    Question how to choose a receiver for my Fluance sx6?

    Hi, I'm starting to dig in quality sound and because of my folly bought speakers firstly lol. I want to buy some inexpensive stereo receiver. What parameters are crucial?
  36. lir2150

    Question Speakers not working but headset do

    Hi everyone, since I changed my motherboard I've not been able to make my speakers work, although my headset do. A few thing to have in mind: The new motherboard is a ASUS Rog Maximus X Formula The speakers are connected to the rear speakers jack (the black one). They used to work before...
  37. BlazingAngels

    Question Returning Logitech Z207 Speakers

    I have submitted a return on Amazon for my new Logitech speakers and marked them defective but I noticed some weird crud where amplifier is and not sure if it is from something I did or it came that way from the manufacturer. I nervous about sending them back because Amazon might claim that I...
  38. M

    Question Help me use my Klipsch Home Audio Speakers for my car

    Hello! Just bought a Lexus RX300 2003 yesterday. The speaker system is horrible. I happen to have a set of Klipsch 2.1 Computer Speakers that I am not using at the house. The set includes two satellite speakers and a 6.5'' sub encased. Gives phenomenal sound quality for the price & size. I...
  39. J

    Question Help Choosing a speaker set for my computer.

    Hi, I'm currently in the market for speakers to use on my computer primarily for gaming. I have narrowed it down to these two and I am not sure which would be best. 1.Presonus Eris E3.5...
  40. D

    Question speakers not working with my PC anymore

    Hello, Recently my PC speakers is not working anymore while the same speaker works very well on ps4 and xbox one via monitor AUX plug please advise me which things i should check to get it working again my motherboard Gigabyte z77x-ud3h and I use razer ultimate blackwidow keyboard and I use...