Question Which of these speakers should I pick for my entry level sound system?


I have a JVC KD-X370BTS receiver and I wanted to know which of these speakers would be best to pair with it. This is just an entry level setup for my older car, so a pair of speakers for $15-40 is right around my budget. Honestly I am OK just getting the cheapest ones unless there is some reason to pick one of the other ones.

The only thing that really stands out to me is the frequency response, I do listen to a variety of music so I assume going for ones with the lowest response (like 40hz or lower) would be better than the cheapest ones (88hz) but I'm not sure any of my music has bass that low and if I would even be able to tell at this entry level anyways.

I don't know anything about materials, RMS/PEAK, or any other specs that would separate them (that's where you come in), I'm just looking for a quick summary on why I would pick each of these options and if/why it would be worth it to get a tier higher than the cheapest ones. I'll provide copied specs from the JVC website (with clickable links) if that helps. Also, I'm buying them from Amazon and I'm sticking to these particular models, thanks for any help!

JVC KD-X370BTS RMS 22W x 4, Peak 50W x 4, NO AMP

#1 JVC CS-DR162 Response 88 - 22.0kHz, RMS 50W, Peak Power 300W, 4 ohms, Sound Pressure 88dB, $18-19
#2 JVC CS-J620 __ Response 35 - 22.0kHz, RMS 30W, Peak Power 300W, 4 ohms, Sound Pressure 92dB, $19-21
#3 JVC CS-DR620 Response 85 - 23.8kHz, RMS 50W, Peak Power 300W, 4 ohms, Sound Pressure 89dB, $29-30
#4 JVC CS-DR621 Response 85 - 23.8kHz, RMS 50W, Peak Power 300W, 4 ohms, Sound Pressure 89dB, $33-34
#5 JVC CS-HX639 Response 30 - 25.0kHz, RMS 40W, Peak Power 320W, 4 ohms, Sound Pressure 88dB, $36-37
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Dec 23, 2014
If you are sticking to those models, then I'd go with the dr620/21 or hx for their better sound quality. If these are not going into an enclosure, then they will not really go down to the 30hz, in fact. blind testing you probably would not be able to tell a difference between the top 3. It looks like the dr620 and 621 are the same speaker, so go with the 620.

but kanewolf is right, you really should listen to speakers first. But, at that price point, .. it might not even be better than stock.