Question can i use an rtx 2060 in GA-H81M-S2PT motherboard ?


Jun 26, 2019
hello so i want to buy an rtx 2060 for my pc
motherboard :GA-H81M-S2PT
CPU:i7 4790
and my power is too weak for it so i have to buy a new power too i was thinking somthing like Deep Cool PF600 600W POWER supply
i want to slowly buy a new pc figured i might as well start with the parts that i can use right now
of rtx 2060 dosent work will gtx 1650 or 1660 work ?
and im planing to buy an MSI H310M PRO-VDH PLUS LGA 1151 9TH GEN Motherboard in the near future is that a good Mothrboard ? Im not looking for anything fansy
probably a i5 9400 or i5 8400 as well
one 8 gb of ram ill ad another one later
and i already have 2 hdds and one ssd so i dont need to worry about storage
A 2060 usually likes a 480w psu:

You should know that the deepcool600 is NOT a 600w psu; the specs say 450w. I think that is deceptive and would not buy that brand psu unless it had at least a 7 year warranty.

Your motherboard is fine for virtually any graphics card. Pcie2/3/4 is forward and backwards compatible. And, with little performance difference in most cases.

Are you buying new?

If you are going to buy a new cpu/motherboard platform, try to buy latest 12th gen.

As to cpu upgrades, I5-9400 or 8400
is not a big enough upgrade that you would notice.