Can putting in a second sata hard drive change the boot sequence


May 23, 2012
I just installed a 240 GB mushkin Chronos deluxe ssd as a second drive and created one large partition. The primary drive ia a 750 GB 7200 Hatchi that came with the HP Envy 17 3D, and has the os on it (Win 7 home premium). I have a valid code for a 64 bit win 7 ultimate. How can I load the Win 7 ultimate onto the new ssd without removing the os from the original drive untill I copy selected files to the ssd and reformat the original drive. I don't see a list of drives in the BIOS. Thanks
.. Disconnect the HDD,
.. Connect the SSD.
.. When powering on go into BIOS and Verify the bios is set to AHCI (IF NOT SEE below).
.. Install win 7 on SSD.
.. Once windows is installed on the SSD, Power down, power on enter BIOS and set boot priority to the SSD.

Couple of notes.
.. You did Have the BIOS set to ahci when windows was installed on the HDD, correct. If unsure enter Bios and see what it is set to. If set to IDE you will need to change this BEFORE doing your SSD. Just google " change IDE to AHCI ... Easier -

.. You can probably daul boot untill you are happy with the SSD. On my gigabitye MB I hit F12 during Post and it brings up a boot menu and just select The HDD (F11 on My Asrock MB). This does NOT change boot priority, so unless you hit the Fxx during post you will boot to the SSD