Cannot duplicate displays


Aug 8, 2010
Hey guys,

I have a crossfire Radeon 5770 setup with the following displays:

1) 27" ASUS monitor (DP)
2) 50" LG TV (HDMI)
3) 22" Samsung Monitor (DVI)

I actually bought a Samsung 27" last week without a display port but when I realized I can't have Crossfire on when 2 displays are plugged into one card and the other display into the other card, I went a found a monitor with a displayport so that I can crossfire and plug all 3 displays into one card.

The screens all work now but I am unable to duplicate some of them.

I want my main display (27" ASUS) to be duplicated on the TV, and the 22" Samsung to be extended.
When I try to duplicate the displays, my monitor loses the signal.

Is anyone familiar with this issue?

Thanks in advance for all and any help!



I am pretty sure you can only "clone" if all displays are the same resolution. In the AMD control center pick the highest common resolution for all 3 screens. Then manually set the refresh rate to 60. Apply. Hit the radio button for cloning. See if that works.

If it does then you can experiment with different resolutions and refresh rates.