Question Cannot see slight bottom part of my display.


Mar 30, 2017
So i've upgraded from my small AOC 1366x768 monitor to a new cheap 1080p frameless Nvision 22" Monitor 75hz, however I have encountered some problems with my new monitor.

I don't know how to explain this clearly but, somehow the bottom part of my display is not being shown.

For example, at my 1366x768 monitor when I have an application opened you can always see a white line at the bottom part of your taskbar beneath the application opened.

Meanwhile, at my new monitor at the bottom part of is not displayed and is clearly slightly cutted off specially when I open Windows Explorer and view the bottom-left where it displays how many items are at the folder, it just literally sits at the border instead of having a clear allowance at the border.

Note: Im using RX 570 if others might ask, and regarding the OSD/Menu of the monitor it does have an option to adjust the the horizontal and vertical positioning something like that but it is greyed out and I am not able to select it at all. Im also using HDMI at the moment thinking of trying using VGA cable if that might have any effect. (Monitor only has HDMI and VGA connectors.)

HDMI Scaling to 1% does solve it somehow but significantly effects fps even when not gaming as it affects window animations and transitions.

I wish I made it clear enough as im not that good in english. Thank you for your time.