[SOLVED] Can't change boot drive order / OS not detected

Mar 17, 2018
My cousin got a new PC and I've been helping him set it up, it works fine but it's on Win8, and his old PC is on Win10. So, I took the HDD out of the old one and put it in the new one. When booting from the drive with Win8, I can see and use everything on the Win10 drive, so that's cool. But I have opened BIOS, and in the "boot order" tab there aren't any HDDs.

My solution was to unplug the Win8 drive and only have the Win10 one, but then it tells me "Starting pxe over IPV4 - IPV6" after which it then says no BIOS detected. I tried different SATA cables and slots, nothing changes until I make the Win8 drive the first one to boot by plugging it in SATA 0. Not quite sure what's going on here, i'm going to put the Win10 drive back in the old PC to make sure it is still working and so on.

Help is appreciated.
Firstly swapping OS drives between machines is not a good Idea, secondly the activation is normally tied to the hardware, third you can still do an in place upgrade or a fresh windows 10 install using the wondows 8 key last I tried even though officially the free upgrade ended some time ago.

so my advice is put the drives back where they belong and install windows 10 on the new pc - even if you can't get it to activate it'll still run fine.
Download drivers for graphics and lan or wifi first though.