Question Can't connect to ANY online game; but can browse the web, watch YouTube, etc. easily.


Jul 19, 2018
[OS = Windows 10]


This is a problem that I've actually encountered before, which I didn't solve myself, it just randomly solved itself, with no warning or anything. It happened maybe a year ago, but that's not what i'm going to talk about. This happened just recently, I reset the router because I was moving furniture around, and I plugged it back in. After it finished restarting, I got back on my computer to try and play War Thunder. I got on, and it worked fine for the first few seconds, no lag or anything. But then the game just disconnected. No warning, just "no connection." I tried again, but the same thing happened. After I tried many times more, I gave up with that game and tried other online games, which all failed, the same thing happening. (War Thunder, World of Tanks, Roblox, Minecraft, Battlefield 1, Heroes and Generals.)

Honestly, I just gave up right away because I knew I couldn't fix it. Before, I searched like a billion forums trying to fix it, but all of those attempts failed. It seems like no one is having the same problem as me, at least with windows 10. I cant remember the steps I went through to try to fix it, but I would still like to go through all the steps of trying to fix it. I'm also able to do anything on google or other search engines, but when it comes to online games my internet doesn't work for some reason.

As a side note, I went into command prompts and did ping t-, and where the last time this happened it would say request failed every few pings, this time it seemed fine, even when I connected to a game and it disconnected, which is a bit weird. Another side note, whenever I get into a game and play a battle, everything works for the first few seconds or if i'm lucky for a few minutes, but then I just lag out and get kicked off. It seems to happen randomly, and the same thing happens for every single game I play. (And yes, restarting my computer or resetting my internet doesn't work.)

I would really appreciate the help, Thank you.
hi, to play online games, your router needs to have opened TCP or UDP ports
each game using different ports
check firewall settings on your router, if its set to high, se it to medium, also enable uPNP if your router supports it
if none above helps, then u will need to open ports manually