Can't control GPU fan speed w/ nTune or Rivatuner

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Mar 24, 2010
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Short version: I can't control my GPU fan speed with nTune or Rivatuner. Is there something wrong? Can I control my fan at all?

Long version:

I have a PC I built 3 years ago. I had installed an eVGA 680i SLI and XFX 7900 GS. A year later, replaced the 7900 GS with an 8800 GT, but kept the 7900 GS on my shelf. Now, I'm building another PC and using the 8800 GT as my video card until I can get a new one, so I'm putting my 7900 GS back into my old PC.

My 7900 GS is running really loud, and I can't figure out how to get it to slow down. I've tried nTune, which I used with success with my 8800 GT. But now when I use nTune to try and reduce the GPU fan speed, it says it's running at 0% (although I just checked and it says 6% now...). I can change the fan speed with the slider, but when I click "Apply", it says "The changes made were invalid and will not be applied". The option to change the fan speed isn't grayed out, which is weird.

So I decided to try the famed RivaTuner. When I run it, I can click the "Customize" button for the 7900 GS and click on "Low-level system settings", which is the first icon. I can then check "Enable low-level fan control". I have to choose "Fixed" because "Auto" is grayed out. Next to Fixed, it says "25% duty cycle". I can then move the slider between 25% and 100%, but it doesn't change the fan speed. At 100%, I hear a tiny high-pitched whine as if it's getting more power, but the fan doesn't sound any louder. Also, regardless of whether "Enable low-level fan control" is checked, the fan sounds the same.

When I put the 7900 GS in and start the system, it now goes through a video card BIOS before the motherboard BIOS. With my 8800 GT, it went straight to the motherboard BIOS (at least it never showed a video card BIOS screen).

Also, I got dual monitors a few months ago, which ran fine with the 8800 GT. Now, with the 7900 GS, when going through the BIOS, it shows the BIOS & Windows loading screen on both screens. Once it gets to the login screen, it's only on my main monitor. After logging in, it becomes normal and extends my desktop onto the 2nd monitor, like it should. When I was using the 8800 GT, it would only show anything on my main monitor during BIOS and Windows loading and login.

I have XP Home 32-bit. I updated my motherboard & GPU drivers after installing the 7900 GS today(the 7900 GS & 8800 GT use the same driver, so I didn't feel a need to uninstall the 8800 GT driver before replacing the card).

So, my question is: Is there a way I can control my fan at all?

Edit: I can see my temps in nVidia System Monitor and RealTempGT. Both say 50C for my GPU.
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