Question Can't reactivate windows 10 after replacing my motherboard and cpu


Dec 29, 2017
So i have recently changed my motherboard and needed to reactivate windows. I used the troubleshooter and then got to the point of selecting the current system I'm using, I selected it and pressed activate and get this.



Win 10 Master
Your Windows license is keyed to your motherboard. When you replace it, you need a new license to be able to activate unless the new mobo is close to identical to the old one.
Maybe... I mean, if its a BIG OEM PC (like Dell) then yes, it is tied to the PC it wasd purchased with, but if his install was an update from 7 or 8, then he can move it. Or if he bought an OEM license, he can move it once.

Was your PC attached to an email address you gave Microsoft to register it? If so, you can try to login here - - and once logged in, click on the devices header, enter password again and click show details under any PC it shows, and then on next page, click Info & support and it will tell you details of the PC. If this is your old PC, it may mean it is linked to your user.

If PC doesn't show, its likely the license is still tied to hardware BUT its not the end. If you have your license key, you can contact Microsoft and explain you swapped some hardware and ask them to reactivate. Sometimes they say its impossible but tell them to look here -

The only people who can fix it otherwise are Microsoft.