Can't Run The Demo's!


Aug 25, 2003
What a Surprise.
I was fooled into believing that NVidia trumped ATI in the GF4 vs. 8500/9100/9200/etc. etc. squabble.
I can honestly say that the GF4 Ti 4600 is 1600 points faster in 3D Mark 2001 SE over the 9100 (10,662 vs 9050 repectively)on default.
Shame is the fact that the 9100 supports pixel 1.4. The Ti 4600 CAN NOT run the 8500 demo's. It only supports pixel vers. 1.3 . What a shock. I had to uninstall the ATI demos cause the more powerful card couldn't do it.
What a shock.
I only paid $99 for the 4600 cause E.B. had it onthe shelf forever and marked it down.
I paid $59 for the 9100 at Comp USA.
The thing is extinct.
They're both last years stuff, but still. The ATI can do things the NVidia just can't.
TruForm and 1.4
But I like the Raw Speed of the Ti4600.
And I've still got it installed.
I clocked it to 325/690
Default is 300.8/667
3D Mark is 10,662

AM37 2200+XP Thoro
WD 40.00 54
640mb Kingston
PNY(MSI)GeForce 4 Ti4600 128mb
Xtacy ATI Radeon 9100 64mb(mothballed)


Sep 16, 2003
Neither can do PS 2.0 :/

I say you made the right choice.

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