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  1. M

    Question My CPU has 6 cores, however task manager only shows that I have 2 cores and 4 logical processors

    The CPU I have is a Ryzen 5 1600x. It is a 6 Core processor which I bought when I was making my new PC. It says I’ve only got 2 cores and 4 Logical processors. I am using my old version of Windows as it didn’t prompt me to install windows when I started up my new build. I’ve tried going into...
  2. S

    Question Stock processor heatsink fan be compatibility

    Buying a OEM version of i5 2400 so.. Will a i3 2120 (TDP 65W) stock processor heatsink fan be compatible (in terms of cooling) with i5 2400 (TDP 95W) processor with same LGA 1155 socket?? If not then, probably the reason also?? Thank you.
  3. LordMikeus

    [SOLVED] Suitable Motherboard and Heatsink for an i7 8700?

    I currently have a Z270-Gaming K3 Motherboard which seems to be incompatible with an Intel i7 8700 processor. I'd like to get the 8700 sometime soon so that my PC is up to scratch for Ray Tracing requirements. I'd also need a suitable heatsink to fit the 8700 too as I'm unsure if the one on my...
  4. StupidComputers

    [SOLVED] 1090t hot idle, components toss up

    Hi, I'm throwing together a basic system for my mom, ms word, firefox, maybe some picture and very maybe some video editing. Right now the cpu and cooler are on the gigabyte motherboard using igpu and idling at 38c in bios, cpu fan 400-500 of 1300rpm max, which seems hot to me and the fans seem...
  5. V

    Question Help me pick a motherboard please!

    What kind of motherboard do i need to pick? my specs are: CPU I5-4690 RAM 8,00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 666MHz (9-9-9-24) Motherboard ? Graphics HP P201 (1600x900@60Hz) 4096MB ATI Radeon RX 570 Series (ASUStek Computer Inc)
  6. M

    Question Rx 570 problem

    Online I saw people getting 6.7 sevens in the steam vr performance test with my GPU not OC. But my score is stuck at 5.8 and steam says the GPU is the problem. What is wrong?
  7. bigtalon

    Question Extremely Stumping Question! Whose got what it takes to solve it!

    Okay. So I am running into a major stalemate here hope you guys can solve it. I try to power on my PC. Nothing happens, No signs of life. Disconnect PSU and hook up to my other PC. Fires it up just fine no problems. Reconnect PSU etc. etc. Still no fire. Take a screw driver to connect...
  8. G

    Question Asus ROG PG27UQ 4K 120/144Hz

    I'm considering the ROG PG27UQ 4K HDR 120/144hz. I currently have the Alienware AW3418 UW 1440p which can OC to 120hz. I have had very little use with UW and the games I play and figure I can get more out of 4K HDR and >100hz. For example, I play primarily FFXIV and I notice on my UW I can be on...
  9. mazasrb

    Question Another unstable internet connection

    So I have been having internet problems for a longer period of time, it seems to be slow continuously with connection drops every 5 minutes or so, sometimes modem resets I suspect it could be due to bad grounding (I measure ~60 volts; ground to line and ~3.5 volts between coaxial cable shield...
  10. P

    Question PC shuts downs while playing some games but lights on the case stay on

    I have an RX 580 8GB that i recently got but when playing some games the screen just suddenly goes black and fans stop in the pc but lights on the case stay on. Have tried stress testing it for relatively long periods of time and the pc is fine, i found one benchmarker that recreated the crash...
  11. B

    Question RFID card holder?

    Hi all I'd like to know, if any stainless steel or metal case is equivalent to those advertising RFID ? or if RFID a special layer of coating on the metal or any other surface which could protect the credit cards from being read?
  12. C

    Question Which motherboard to get?

    gigabyte aorus z390 xtreme or evga z390 dark?
  13. B

    Question R9 295x2 Issue - One Card Being Utilized

    Hey all, I've got a Sapphire r9 295x2 card that I need some advice on how to fix. The card has undergone fairly moderate use and is a few years old, as a preface. Right now, I have a couple issues with it: 1) Progressively worse overheating that causes immediate PC shutdown, as if it were...
  14. G

    Question Buying Used Parts

    Hello, I'm 14 and can't get a job. So I resorted to buying used parts online to save some money. I haven't actually bought any parts yet and I'm probably only going to buy the GPU used. I'm scared though, what if the part doesn't work? What should I look out for...
  15. V

    Question PC Stuck on Mobo Splash Screen when I have my Mouse and Keyboard plugged in.

    Alright so here's the deal, I have a PC and the thing is, when I try to boot it with my peripherals plugged in it'll stay stuck on the Mobo Splash screen but, when I unplug the Mouse/Keyboard it continues to boot normally, any idea on what I can do? Note: it is an asus Motherboard.
  16. WatchWoodzy

    Question Razer Cortex has done something to my Computer

    I play any of my games and it does ( View: ) as seen here do u have any idea whats going on??
  17. O

    Question Looking for a prebuilt pc to run overwatch at ~200 fps

    How much would a prebuilt computer that can run overwatch at ~200 fps cost, and which should I buy? The monitor I want to get is the Asus VG248QE.
  18. ICrosbyI

    Question Reinstalled Windows 10 - New CPU Cooler and Case -- Still getting VERY HIGH usage in task manager. How do I fix?

    Hey all, first things first, here is specs. i7 - 8700k (bought early summer 2018) EVGA GTX 1070 (late 2016) Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR4 3000 RAM (early summer 2018) Gigabyte Z370XP Mobo (replaced same board in late 2018) Cooler Master MasterCase H500 ATX (just installed yesterday to try and fix...
  19. A

    Question Not booting? PSU Fan and CPU Fan is off but I see the LED light flash

    Recently built a PC but it doesn't boot up. LED light does flash for a few seconds once I turn on the power supply (RM 650W) but the fans do not work and it doesn't boot up at all. Could this be the fault of the power supply or the mobo?
  20. H

    Question Can i use this ram?

    I currently have Vengeance RED LED 16gb 2666mhz and i want to upgrade to 32gb but i cannot find the red variant anywhere as the led line is discontinued. But i managed to find the exact same ram with same speed with white leds. would this work in my pc with my red led ram?