Question Changing the Wireless Mouse transmitter


May 20, 2018
Hello everyone!

I had a wireless KB/mouse combo. I bought a new wireless mouse for some reason. Now I have 2 wireless receiver for each, keyboard and new mouse. The two dongles seems to be interfering with one another.

So, the question is if I can remove the wireless transmitter (which is soldered in M/B of mouse) and put it in new mouse so that both (K/B and new mouse) can function on same wireless receiver (dongle). Will this work?



What make and model KB/Mouse combo's do you have?

And it is one KB/mouse combo set plus just one standalone wireless mouse - correct?

Keyboard, mouse, and transmitter/receiver are all paired and two sets should not interfere with each other.

Normally the transmitter/receiver is just a USB dongle that is plugged into an available USB port. Sometimes transmission/reception related problems can be resolved by putting the dongle on the end of a USB extension cable - just to get the dongle up and away from the back of the case.

There should be no need to desolder or solder anything. If the existing KB/mouse combo is not desired or needed just disable it via Device Manager.

Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS. Plus KB/mouse information.

Leave the soldering iron alone.