Chart for CPU speed Comparison


Mar 21, 2010
Is there an Intel CPU speed Comparison Chart here or elsewhere? Im looking to buy a newer computer and want to see the fastest CPU I can afford. My Dell is 10 yrs old this month. SO you know where my tax refund is going if I ever get it ?!?
There are many CPU comparison charts online. Most are reliable but only to an extent. I find this useful but I don't trust it 100%. Use it as a general idea.

If you would like to tell us your situation or pricepoint, we'd be happy to help you select a processor. Please note that the CPU is not the only factor in performance. Other system components such as memory, hard drive and graphics card make a performance difference. Performance desired also depends on situation and usage.

I also wonder why you are limiting yourself to intel CPUs? Currently (for the processor alone without any other system components) they are the best buy above $180. AMD processors have better price/performance under $180.