Class action Sony Laptop



Hello,This is one of the worst stories that could ever happen to anyone. My intention is to tell my story to all those professionals who use computer lap tops as a critical instrument.
I purchased a Sony Laptop ( Model Number VGN-NW150J) with its Viocare system in the end of September 2009. I started using it in Aug 2010.
The computer had problems, I would call customer service and they would tell me, do this and that.
In Oct 2010, computer’s monitor was black, they told me to reboot the computer and press the F bottom 15 times to make it come back.
In Oct 2010, flew from my state to sit for one of the California Bar Exams. In between flights tried to check my hotel, realized computer is dead, no electricity would turn it on…. I called customer service, they told me it is mother board that has been crashed. I went on a blood battle with them for two days before my exam, they agreed to lend me a laptop. I went to store, (Americana St, Glendale , Sony style center), they charged me 100 USD and lent me a lap top. On my hotel realized the lap top was defective in Mouse , because it was a display model. I called the store and the sony tech support to get it fixed, it was not fixed. I sat for the exam, and the problem was intensified, the mouse would jump around every 12 seconds. I was in the worst time of my life, my fingers were cold and my mouse was jumping, is all I remembered at Pasadena Convention center 300 East Green Street, Pasadena, CA 91101-2308.
After days and nights of talk to sony, they want me to pay for the repairs. A computer that is garbage in my eyes. I will Only buy Apple from now on. And I will file against them any possible place I can.
If you are a professional, do not buy sony laptop. If you have data that need to be protected, if you need to use your computer in a serious manner, not just games, do not buy Sony Laptop. For years I bought Sony product. For years I backed them up, they will never care for you, They will throw their defective products to you and leave you with misery… you will regret dealing with them, it would effect you when you least expected….



I have a Sony door knob that went bad the day after the 15 year warranty expired. Count me in on the Sony Class Action thing. Please PM details.

Edit you got a form I can fill out? Keep us updated.