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  1. G

    budget gaming build

    Can someone tell me if this is a good entry level gaming pc with a budget of around $430 max CPU- Intel Pentium G4400 3.3GHz Dual-Core processor Ram- ADATA - XPG V1.0 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1866 Memory Graphics Card- Zotac - GeForce GTX 1050 2GB Mini Video Card Motherboard- Asus - B150M-K D3...
  2. Tamotefu

    Will this CPU Cooler fit my case?

    Hello, its me again. I was wondering if this (Noctua NH-U9B SE2 92mm) will fit in my Corsair Carbide Spec 03 (Orange)? I'm having trouble finding an after market cooler that will actually fit this slightly cramped case.
  3. P

    Will this system run Counter Strike Global Offensive?

    So hey, I really didnt know where to put this but CPU seems fine to me. Im building a computer for my brother and he really wants to play CS:GO. Here are the specs: CPU:AMD A8-5600K GPU:AMD A8-5600K(Intergrated) Motherboard:ASRock FM2A75M-HD RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2 x 2GB 1600Mhz PSU:Corsair CX...
  4. J

    Administrator log on screen

    How do I remove the Administrators log on screen
  5. A

    Will the motherboard power a PSU without having a CPU in the socket.

    So recently I've been building a computer. So far I have the case, the motherboard and the PSU. I have tested the PSU with the paperclip method and it works, but when I plug it in the the main motherboard power it doesn't power it. Is it because I don't have a CPU yet, or is my motherboard dead?
  6. guch

    Home network wire less Destop to laptop

    desktop dell wired, win 7 ult wireless network to laptop vista 32 bit How to **** tone
  7. B

    W-Fi point to setup

    Hello! I need to share my neighbours Internet connection, as the only decent ISP wont connect my house, and Wi-Fi point to point link seams to be the best option. I have done some reading on this subject and made a sketch for the required setup as I understand it. It would be really...
  8. L

    First Computer Build, Advice Needed

    Hey guys, i am going to be building my first computer this summer. I have been researching parts for about 2 months now and this is what I could find for my $900 budget. I want to build this computer to run battlefeild, far cry, minecraft, skyrim, ect. I plan to oc up to 4.5GHz. I also have an...
  9. G

    If i format my hard drive while external hd is connected what would happen

    hi everyone, this is my issue, i had windows xp on my pc and I wanted to upgrade to win vista, at first I inserted the vista cd and as it went to the process of istalling it came to the section of where to install etc, it gave me 3 drives, my internal drive and 2 external drives that I had...
  10. G

    HDMI proHMDI adapter for Acer Aspire 4520 laptop with Windows Vista

    Hello, I want to connect my Acer Aspire 4520 laptop to HDMI cable to usb ports do not support HDMI cable connections. Is there an adapter for this particular model laptop that allows HDMI hookup? Do I need one for audio and one for video or do i just need to get a newer computer?
  11. A

    Wd255u firewire capture vista

    Hello, How can I capture clips from WD-255U to a Laptop ( Lenovo T61 ) through IEEE-1394 ( Fire-wire )?
  12. G

    Preinstalled Windows Vista Help

    Hello, i have a HP latop.. that came with windows vista pre installed.. and it gave me the option to make a recovery disk. which i did but now have lost them disks. i need to do a formatt.. i was wondering if any 1 knows if i can make another disk? and if so where it would be located?
  13. B

    How do I get a network security key?

    We wish to have network security for one Toshiba laptop, one desktop computer and one printer. How do we obtain security key for this?
  14. greenrage

    How to get rid of Obfuscated-gen & others

    Hello,I'm experiencing some difficulties with Ad Aware v8.3.1 updates and Avast! Antivirus 5.1 - (both are Free); Avast! runs a thorough scan and detects trojans and worms after Ad Aware updates. How do I get directly at these trojans and worms? Where is and how would I get to...
  15. G

    Software for Canon EOS SLR Rebel Digital

    Hello, I don't have the installation disk, which file do I need so I can download from the camera? (for Windows Vista)
  16. X

    How do i upgrade the opengl version of my gdi generic graphics card

    Hello, how do i upgrade the openGL version of my GDI generic graphics card?
  17. G


    Hi, I was wondering if there was anyone out there who could help me with a problem I have? We have had our Belkin G router for over a year now and in the past have never had any connection problems with it. After buying my new laptop around three months ago, I connected my laptop to the router...
  18. K

    How to setup a security cod for gear net router

    How can I set up a security code
  19. G

    Install sound device

    Hello, I was trying to play a movie through my HDMI connection and inadvertantly deleted the sound device. how do I reinstall it.
  20. G

    Why my screen is blinking

    Hello,I have a Lenovo laptop and the screen is blinking white what is the reason
  21. G

    How can play cd dvd in my vista computer it can`t open drive any solution

    hello, my vista computer can`t read any CD,VCD,DVD or any dics but only read software cd can have any solution
  22. C

    How to use reinstall cd when can't change boot order?

    1) My desktop takes forever to boot up, then after being on 5 minutes it reboots itself so I am unable to run utilities or virus scans. I have the Dell Reinstallation CD, + the Dell Drivers and Utilities cd, however I can't even get into Boot Options to change the boot order to cd drive The...
  23. B

    Application not found

    when I try and open a program from my desktop or control panel I get "application not found"
  24. D

    Packard bell wont boot to windows vista

    Hello, My laptop keeps going round in circles on start up. Stuck on system repair won't boost to windows vista, Help!
  25. G

    Can someone post a nice summary of 360?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Ok I could not watch it. Can someone tell me : 1. Is 360 going to be backwards compatible? 2. Does it have a built in 802.11? ( I was planning to buy an adapter for my current xbox, but if the next one has a built in, I will wire it up...
  26. G

    How do i put my volume back at the bottom of my computer? i have a compaq comput

    Hello, how do i pu my volume back on the bottom of my computer? i have a compaq laptop
  27. S


    I have a WRT54G and since I got it, My laptop keeps losing connecting then im having to reboot my router to get it back, is there a possible solution to this?
  28. J

    Desktop icons unresponsive after opening and closing explorer

    My desktop icons do not respond after I use windows explorer - although I can still access the startup menu, gadget list, and taskbar. As well I can open and close icons no problem until I open explorer. I am using a version of Windows Vista 32 bit home professional. Too I did a malware scan...
  29. H

    Free HDD Space Rapidly Increasing

    Short story: My HDD space keeps increasing quickly. Is it deleting files? Do I have a virus? I have VERY important stuff on this computer! Full story: I have a laptop with a 160 GB HDD (140 something usable I think) and since I was getting low on space and I needed a lot of space to transfer...
  30. G

    Blu ray drive free software

  31. isa34

    The smart web printing Icon appears on the toolbar but not can\'t open on the si

    I am having problem with the smart web printing,the Icon appears on the toolbar but not the sidebar i can't get it to open ,can somebody help me with this? my operating System is Windows Vista Ultimate 32,the Internet Explorer is new version Explorer 9 Beta, can this be the cause? thank you
  32. G

    Permission troubles!

    Hi everyone i've searched for this in the forums but I havent seen anything that really deals with this.. I just got windows vista.. and it's been installed to what used to be drive G.. but since I installed it fresh.. it's on its own partition and now G is C: Still with me? :P Right well my...
  33. J

    Having disk drive problems

    Hello, I've reset my notebook pc to default settings recently and now my disk drive won't read any of my disks.... please help.
  34. J

    Red x box in outlook email

    When I open an email the picture is replaced by a red x in a small black box
  35. J

    How to replace hard drive on HPG60-230US with vista

    i HAVE A 320gB HARD DRIVE ON MY hpg60-230us. i AM REPLACING THE HARD DRIVE AND MOVING TO XP. How do I replace the hard drive? My new one is a 500Gb SATA.
  36. D

    Dell Latitude D630 connectioning issue

    I have a Dell Latitude D630 laptop and i just cannot figure out why i cannot connect wirelessly to my gateway/router. I can connect at school wireless with it. My ps3 and wife's computer are hooked up wirelessly to the same router. This Dell even shows the router in the system, tray connection...
  37. N

    How to run a cmd/bat file without a windows popping up?

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to know, is there someway to run a cmd/bat file without the windows popping up? Is there some command I would have to type in like quiet or something like that? Thanks!
  38. G

    Wireless network connection will not connect

    Laptop finds the wireless network but will not connect. Time Warner put in a new wireless router and they can't get a connection either. I have updated the drivers from the Toshiba site to no avail
  39. S

    Installing windows XP on compaq presario CQ57 408TU