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    How to start gta 4 pc

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    Problems with Crysis warhead on PC

    Hello I recently download the game on my PC but when I tried to run it a window pops up, and it says "CRY ENGINE 2 unsupported video card! Intel (r) 82945G Express Chipset Family. continuing to run might lead to unexpected results or crashes". Can someone helped me! Pls.
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    LG 6000 drive

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    Laptop keyboard won't work

    Hello, Toshiba A135-S2276, the keyboard won't work. Everytime I press anything in the keyboard the windows media player pops up
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    Wireless problems! Help please!

    I have a belkin Wireless G Plus Mimo router, with my desktop hardwired up to it. The router is in my room, and I want my Dads laptop downstairs to have internet access. A few months ago it worked fine, fast speeds, infact the same speeds (even though signal strength was low...) i was getting...
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    PC won't boot

    Hello everyone, Left my PC on last night and today I got a black screen with a flashing underscore. I can access motherboard access internet thgouh it using splashtop, hard drive are fine as I can browse and access pictures directly from motherboard. So basically Window won't start. Tried to...
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    ALT+blue number keys typing smiley faces

    Hello, I need to type Spanish characters for online clsss. When I use the ALT+blue number keys it types smiley faces or music notes. I need to use this method to type assignments. How can I change the characters to Spanish letters?
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    Send/receive error 0x800412a

    Hello, I get this error 0X800412A. I still can send and receive, but do not like to see this error. Can you help me. Thanks in advance
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    Missing or corrupt file .....

    Launching start-up of my Dell Vista home premium Program Keeps saying that the "LAUNH.EXE." Program is corrupt or missing Tom, Can you send me suggessetions how to recover or epair this file ? I In Adavance My gratitiyude
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    Intel drivers audio 945

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    Hello, I want to remove itunes from vista, any help?
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    Driver whiz removal

    Hello, I got a driver whiz program that wont unonstall and when I do the progam stops in the middle of uninstalling. gwalkere
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    I see contents of c: regardless of what folder i'm in

    Hi evrybody!! I have a strange problem, everytime i open explorer in my xp, and browse the folders regardless what folder i choose , the computer shows the contents under c:, when i update the screen(by pressing f5) it goes back to normal, i change folder, same ***, it shows c:'s contents until...
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    Recording a movie

    Hello, I have a Toshiba with window's vista I cant record a movie. I'm using TDK DVD+R. What am I doing wrong?
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    Vcd playback codec

    Hello, should we download a codec or how to verify there is a proper codec installed in our computer? reply as soon as possible
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    Internet explorer 5 full download

    Which is the best internet explorer for windows vista?
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    Hello all, recently I have been cleaning my computer out, and I have come across a file called csrss.exe. I have heard it is either a microsoft thing, or a virus, but i have 2 files. when I try to delete 1, it sends me to blue screen, and i restart. any advice?
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    Problems with Windows Update

    1st off, I've been having trouble with using Windows Update for, every time I try to utilize the service I simply get the following error code..Windows Update error 80072f8f Though, I did manage to download the critical updates via manually downloading them.Still...
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    Missed up laptop

    Hello,mbles back ! I think it needs to be reseathis is how it does it dou ty keyboard is miss up when I type. it may Noow I will catch all the miss takes that is how my my computer is typing, I think it needs to be resit?
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    How to recover deleted files after destructive recovery

    Hello,I did a destructive recovery on my pc Thursday August 12 2010 . I saved all my folders etc on a external hard drive or so I thought. After I got the pc cranked back up and hooked the external harddrive back up, I found the MY Documents folder was gone. Can anyone help, Thanks in advance.